• My date does not attend Allen HS, is there a form that I have to fill out in order for them to attend Homecoming with me?

    YES, there is an online form, which must be submitted by Sept. 30, 2022.  As the ‘host’, (Allen HS student) you will inform your ‘guest’ that they need a photo ID that has their picture and name on it.


    What are the age restrictions for my guest?

    Students must be between at least a Freshman and 20 years or younger in order to attend Homecoming.  Freshmen may only attend homecoming as a Date of a student at Allen High School.


    Can my friend(s) from another HS come?

    Yes, but Homecoming is an event for AHS students and their guest. It is not an 'open all-call' event. One of the persons in the 'party of 2' must be a current AHS student.


    What are the Homecoming Event guidelines as to what I wear?

    Homecoming is a traditional semi-formal event, with attendees wearing suits and/or semi-formal type dresses. 


    If I leave Homecoming may I just show my ticket to get back in?

    NO, there is no re-admittance if you choose to leave.  


    May I purchase tickets at the door for Homecoming?

    Tickets will be available at the door for $50. Save money and buy your ticket early!  


    What are the hours and location of the Homecoming?

    Homecoming is from 8:00PM until 11 PM at Allen High School.  No entry after 10 PM!