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    Welcome to your child's most incredible 3rd grade year!
    Here is our Meet Your Teachers Presentation:  Power Point
    Coach Dobson LOVES teaching!  She loves coaching students and enhancing their understanding of the world around them!
    This 2020 fall school year, Coach Dobson will be teaching, guiding, and coaching STEM at Boyd Elementary for 3rd grade students!  Her hope is for all her students to fall in love with learning, develop to their potential, aquire necessary skills to be successful, and have an enjoyable school year!
    Science is such an educational field of experiments, exploration, and engagement in our world.  When teaching science, Coach Dobson feels it is like a magic show . . . magicians revealing the possibilities of the world around them!
    Technology is part of our educational experience and acceleration into learning and a productive environment.  Proceeding successfully involves being able to manipulate and use resources bounded by technology.  We will be using Google Classroom in 3rd grade as well as investigating coding, powerpoint, nearpod, peardeck, and other tech resources.   
    Engineering is solving the world around us in a process that is circular in thinking, unboundless in regenerating, and systematic in improving.  Engineering at the 3rd grade level implements math, social, science skills intertwined with improving each student's grasp of learning.
    Math is a fun, interactive sport that touches our lives daily, requires practice, strategy, thinking and decision making skills.  Math builds the muscles of the brain!  Math lays the essential foundation for all the subjects above and is used every day in everyone's life!
    --How to contact Coach Dobson --
     Email:  Patricia.Dobson@AllenISD.org
    (Emails are answered after 4:00pm)
    Classroom voicemail:  972-236-0814  
    To reach Coach Dobson during the school day, please call the Boyd front office:  972-727-0560.  

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