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    Welcome to your child's most incredible kindergarten experience!
    Coach Dobson LOVES teaching!  She loves coaching students and enhancing their understanding of the world around them!
    This 2019 fall school year, she will be teaching, guiding, and coaching kindergarten subjects and essential knowledge skills at Boyd Elementary!  Her hope is for all her students to fall in love with learning, develop to their potential, and have an enjoyable school year!
    Why is math such a fun sport?   
      1.  It uses a very powerful muscle called the brain!
      2.  It requires practice, strategy, thinking and many skills!
      3.  A coach can enhance those skills!
      4.  You will use it every day in your life!
      5.  Regular sleep and good nutrition help develop this sport!  
      6.  There are internal rewards in successful math!  
      7.  It involves desision making.
      8.  People will cheer you on! 
    Teaching reading is like teaching how to ride a bike.  There are multiple aspects of the process:  pedaling, steering, balance, momentum, and practice.  For reading, skills include decoding, phonetics, fluency, metacognition, recognizing patterns, repetition, comprehension, and practice. Reading is a process which is learned through delightful exposure, modeling, writing, and fascination.
    Coach Dobson will also be teaching science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)!  We love to explore our world in science! When teaching science, Coach Dobson feels it is like a magic show . . . magicians revealing the possibilities of the world around them! 
    --How to contact Coach Dobson --
     Email:  Patricia.Dobson@AllenISD.org
    (Emails are answered after 4:00pm)
    Classroom voicemail:  972-236-0814  
    To reach Coach Dobson during the school day, please call the Boyd front office:  972-727-0560.  
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