• 4th Grade Classrooms' Book Clubs

    In Classroom Book Clubs, Bolin classrooms create a fun and engaging environment for 4th graders, especially reluctant readers, to enjoy the social aspects of reading and discussing books with their classmates.

    Bolin - Roya Azimi

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  • A Book Tasting: Nonfiction Book Clubs

    Kerr 3rd Graders participate in Nonfiction Book Clubs to gain a deeper understanding of expository texts through collaborative discussions and engaging group activities. The goal, through this experience, is to generate a buzz about nonfiction books, give students opportunities to use goal setting and communication skills, and use interesting, cross-curricular topics to engage students in an in-depth analysis of nonfiction. 

    Kerr - Melissa Foote

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  • Author Enhanced Experience

    The impact of author Elizabeth Acevedo visiting the school to discuss the process of poetry writing and poetry reading could ignite that desire to overcome the fear that the students have towards poetry. The students will not only be exposed to her poetry, but other poets as well and get the opportunity to write some of their own.

    Lowery - Victoria Tong

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  • Beyond the Page and to the Stage

    Fourth grade students will enjoy an adaptation of literature that comes to life by reading the print version of a story and then watching a live performance of that book by the Dallas Children's Theatre. Through this project, students will develop an understanding of how literature can be expressed in different mediums such as book and plays.

    Rountree - Angelita Tranka

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  • Classroom Book Clubs!

    Classroom Book Clubs will provide sets of chapter books in a Guided Reading Library, which will allow students to participate in small group book clubs to discuss characters, practice predicting and inferring, and to write new endings.

    Preston - Amy McCullough

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  • Connecting Families through Pages

    Through the use of family book clubs students will be able to communicate and make connections through the power of literacy. Creating a time where parents and children can discuss important themes and messages using books as the catalyst. 

    Olson - Courtney Tinch

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  • Educate, Captivate, and Connect: A Story and Preston Collaboration

    4-6th grade students in the Preston and Story Book Clubs will read Refugee by Alan Gratz, connect digitally to discuss, and then culminate with the nationally acclaimed author to come visit our schools to discuss his book and the craft of writing. 

    Story - Kimberly Richardson

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  • Exploring Nonfiction

    "Exploring Nonfiction" will provide new easy-to-read nonfiction books for Preston classroom libraries. By balancing libraries with fiction and nonfiction texts, teachers will be able to provide multiple choices to enrich their students' reading and writing experiences across the curriculum.

    Preston - Karley Morton

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  • Flexibility in Learning

    Flexibility in Learning puts highly engaging leveled text and activities in students' hands giving them an opportunity to help them grasp concepts such as nonfiction texts and with vocabulary, and allows them to grow from where they are. 

    Story - Lyndsey Wood

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  • From the Page to the Stage

    Rountree students will study a book before going to see the dramatic performance of the same book at the Dallas Children's Theatre. They will then compare the print version and the dramatic performance of the book to learn about analyzing plot/events, setting, character analysis and conflict resolution.

    Rountree - Patricia Gear

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