• A Trip Back In Time

    Rountree third grade students will go on an A Trip Back in Time to visit the Allen Heritage Center. Students will learn more about individuals who shaped the formation of Allen, look at artifacts and explore what life was like in the community when Allen was first founded. 

    Rountree - Christyn Guy

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  • Cultivating a Community of Diverse Minds

    In coordination with the DFW International Organization, 6th graders will have the opportunity to experience the music, dancing, storytelling and artifacts from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These performances will help to enhance their learning experience as they study World Cultures in their Social Studies classes. 

    Marion - Samantha Fields

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  • Culturally Alive!

    In this project, students will research and dramatize influential, historical figures to gain perspective of our similarities and differences. This project will enable students to gain empathy through interaction with various cultures around the world, and bring their historical figures to life during Open House and for Bolin students the following day.

    Bolin - Pam Engel

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  • See the World in Virtual Reality

    By introducing virtual reality into our classrooms, geography will be transported from a two dimensional world to a three dimensional experience that will make the fascinating history of the world come alive and engage students in the diverse world around them. Virtual learning creates a fun experience for students to learn about the physical world around them ranging from biomes and climate regions to experiencing places they have never seen before. 

    Lowery - Michelle Ramirez

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  • US History - Early Republic 'Museum in a Box'

    The "Museum in a Box" project brings the museum directly into the classroom and to the students themselves. These boxes include a collection of artifacts including but not limited to period art pieces, postcards, maps, documents, textiles- anything that the observer can pick up and touch. Instructors will have the opportunity to incorporate the experience into lessons with the learner driving the lesson with hands on materials. 

    Ereckson - Amy Morris

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