• Active Learning Classroom Tools

    Enabling Devices outfits classrooms with the highest quality, most innovative adapted tools, electronics, and communication devices for an Active Learning Classroom. Enabling devices are tools that teach cause and effect help children to develop a sense of control over their environments, which in turn, increases self confidence.

    Reed - Antoinette Tillinghast

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  • Activities that help students with limited movement explore sights, sounds and textures.

    Tactile and Kinetics Activities will help students with limited movement explore sights, sounds and textures. 

    Curtis - Julie Rahn

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  • Bus Transportation for Unified Robotics

    Unified Robotics is a 10 week program where intellectually disabled students work with robotics students on teams to create a Lego Robot for a competition. This grant will fund a bus to transport Unified Robotics Athletes and Partners to the Allen ISD STEAM Center to participate in Unified Robotics a Texas Special Olympics competition.  

    AHS STEAM Center - Greg Burnham

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  • Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning to target skills more efficiently

    MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning. Its adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student ensuring that students get the extra instruction they need. MobyMax teaches students to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative geniuses with thousands of cognitive skill manipulatives. 

    Allen High School - Lynn Klodzinski

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  • Cooking Class: Building Vocational and Social Skills

    Structured Learning and Active Learning students at Curtis Middle School come together every week to take part in a new cooking adventure. This real life and hands on learning experience is providing them with an opportunity to practice both vocational and social skills, such as meal preparation, following directions and creating a product as members of a team. 

    Curtis - Zorica Trifkovic

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  • Eagle Creations

    Eagle Creations is a program that allows students in Specialized Programs at Allen High School to develop a wide variety of vocational skills through creating and selling products to the Allen ISD community. This opportunity for students results in increased independence and employability skills. 

    Allen High School - Amanda Maxwell

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  • I Can See Clearly Now, part 2

    Teachers of students with Visual Impairments will be provided with access to unique technology to serve students with low vision, blindness and multiple impairments. The large 13 inch iPads make information and learning accessible in an efficient and effective manner for the students we serve. 

    Olson - Patricia Reyna

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  • Leap Frog Your Way to Learning!

    Special Needs students use technology based instruction throughout the day to enhance the learning and development. The LeapFrog LeapPad 3 Learning Tablet is an entry-level technology tool which will provide our special population with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and development. 

    Boon - Steve DeWitt

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  • Let's Switch Our Senses On!

    Active learning students will use sensory equipment to explore and learn as they manipulate the different switches and sensory equipment. 

    Olson - Sandy Cervantes

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  • Ready, Set, Cook!

    The Ready, Set, Cook! Project will allow students to learn valuable skills such as cooking, meal preparation, clean-up, and overcoming sensory difficulties with certain types of food. This project would allow students to learn the important skills needed for living as independently as possible in our community as well as help with their Sensory Processing Disorders. 

    Chandler - Blake Pi

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