• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I am so excited to begin our new journey together. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the expectations and procedures that will be in place for 2nd grade this year. 


    2nd Grade Newsletter:  Our weekly newsletter contains important information about activities in our classroom, learning objectives, and grade level and school-wide events… please read it!  It will be emailed weekly on Monday.

    Daily Green Folder: Your child will bring home a green folder each day that contains many important items. In the folder, you will find a communication calendar/log, homework (if applicable), notes and/or other items that may need to go home so please check it nightly. Please note that the pockets are labeled so you will know what items are to keep at home and what needs to be returned to school.

    Dismissal Transportation Changes:  If your child has a change in dismissal transportation, please send a written note in your child’s daily green folder.  An email to me may be sent prior to noon and I will respond confirming I have received your email.  If the change occurs after noon or you do not receive a response email, please contact the front office so that they can ensure that I receive the message.  Many times, I am busy in the afternoon and do not have the opportunity to check emails, and occasionally I am absent – so a note or phone call is preferred.

    Homework: District expectations are that students will read nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes. A reading log will be included in your child's dreen daily folder to log times read. Students may also bring home a math facts page or a special project assignment, but those will be based on our units of study during that time.

    Communication Calendar/Log: Your child’s daily binder contains a behavior communication sheet which will be used as your child’s conduct form for each nine weeks.  This is my way of communicating behavior concerns with parents.  Any conduct marks that a student receives will be recorded.  If your child receives a mark please initial in the space for that day to communicate to me that you have seen it.  If problems continue to occur, you will recieve a handwritten note, an email, or a phone call to discuss the concerns.  Behaviors such as repeated talking out, not following directions, distracting others, etc. will result in a conduct mark in the student’s folder.  Each undesirable behavior (that requires a conduct mark) will have a natural consequence; however, destructive behavior such as damaging school property, hitting, or any other behaviors that could cause harm to others, will result in an office referral.

    Volunteers and Visitors:  *If you plan on volunteering or chaperoning this year, you must fill out a Criminal History Background Check, even if you have filled one out in years past. This can be done on the Allen ISD website. Please do this ASAP. I will notify parents when help is needed in the classroom.  There will be many opportunities to support our school through volunteering – please be sure to read through schoolwide communication!  Any time that you come to the school, you must first go to the front desk.  You will need your driver’s license - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Allen ISD will continue to use the “Visitor Management” System that will run your driver’s license and print out a badge for you to wear while you are in the building. Before entering the building you will have to ring the bell, show your driver’s license and state why you are visiting the school. This program is an excellent tool to help keep track of visitors and to keep our children safe.  We appreciate your cooperation!

    Lunch: Students should take their lunch money to the Cafeteria Manager before school starts or parents can make electronic deposits into students’ lunch accounts by registering on the website at www.paypams.com.   It is helpful to review the daily lunch options with your child prior to school.

    Lunch Visitors: If you are coming up to have lunch with your child, you will need to sign in the “Visitor Management” System.  Please sit with your child at the tables on the stage. Students are not allowed to invite friends to eat on the stage with them.  Please note that on special celebration days and standardized testing days, lunch guests are not permitted. The kids feel so special when you eat lunch with them, but please arrive on time or we will need to send them through the lunch line. *Lunch visitors are permitted beginning September 3rd.

    Early Pick-Up: If you need to pick up your child early, please check him/her out through the office. The office will call the me once the check out process has been completed, and I will send your child down to you at the front office. This includes after celebrations, field trips or after classroom parties. 

    Classroom Water Bottles:  Students may have water to drink throughout the day in the classroom if it is in a no-spill bottle (such as a sport bottle that has a cap to push down to close).  Please do not send bottles with a twist cap, as they spill easily.

    Birthdays: Parents may provide treat bags for their child’s class.  Treat bags will be sent home with students at the end of the day.  Please do not send any food items, including items within the treat bags. 

    Personal Items: Items such as toys, stuffed animals, candy, gum, jewelry, trinkets, trading cards, and extra money should be left at home. We know that they are exciting and fun, but these items are often distracting to other students and have a tendency to get lost or misplaced at school. In order to prevent this, please leave personal items at home. Students may bring items such as balls and jump ropes for recess; however, the student is responsible for all items brought from home. 

    Recess: Before going out, teachers will check www.weatherbug.com

          o Hot Weather:

             o If 100 degree or higher or it says feels like 100 degrees or higher – we will have indoor recess!

             o If it is 95-99 degrees – recess will be no longer than 15 mins.

             o Students will always be allowed to take their water bottle outside for recess.

          o Cold Weather:

             o If temperature/wind chill is between 40 degrees and 32 degrees – recess will be no longer than 10 mins.

             o If temperature/wind chill is below 32 degrees – we will have indoor recess.

    Library: As a class, we will go to the library once a week. Students are allowed to use the school library and check out up to 2 books. The due date for the books is on the back of the books. Late notices will be communicated through the librarian. It is the student’s responsibility to have the books turned in on time.

    Guided Reading Books:  Readers may also be sent home that are checked out from the library.  If a reader is lost, the student will incur a $5 book replacement fee.

    Grades:  The grading system in 2nd grade is significantly different than the system used in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Please sit down with your child & explain the grading system to them, as well as your expectations concerning them. The grading system is as follows:  

    90-100: A

    80-89: B

    70-79: C

    69 or below: F

    Grades entered for academic work will reflect student achievement.  In 2nd grade, all grades in the gradebook are weighted the same.  The following are examples of assignments that could be in the gradebook.

                   ·         Daily written work

                   ·         Daily oral work that can be evaluated to measure student progress/achievement

                   ·         Projects

                   ·         Lab work

                   ·         Presentations

                   ·         Performance requirements in alignment with course standards

                   ·         Assessments

    Late/Incomplete Assignments: Late work is defined as any assignment that is not turned in on the date that it was due if the student was present that day.  At the teacher’s discretion, the child may complete missing assignments during additional instructional time including: extra library time, computer time, etc.  Ten points will be taken off per school day for late work up to three school days.  Teachers will communicate with parents if students are missing assignments through the daily folder, email, or phone.  We look forward to working with you as a team to ensure students complete all assignments on time. 

    Corrected Assignments: Assignments completed on time with a grade below 70 will be returned to the student for corrections after a re-teaching session has occurred.  When work is corrected, a 70 is the highest grade attainable and will replace the previous grade. The grades are not averaged together. We may work on these assignments together in class or these papers may be sent home to re-do. Our goal is to ensure success for your student. Therefore, if your child fails more than one paper a week, you will be notified so that we can work together to help your child be successful. 

    Make-up Work:  For every school day absent, the student has one extra school day to complete the work they missed. We may work on these things together in class or work may be sent home to complete. 

    Report Cards/Progress Reports: During each nine weeks, a progress report will be sent through Skyward (Family Access).  If any concerns should arise at this time, you will be notified. At the end of each nine weeks, a report card will be sent through Skyward (Family Access).

    Medication:  Our school nurse is on campus to assist with medications or minor medical care during the school day.  Please follow the school specific guidelines on sending medication to school.  Please do not send medication with your child to give to his/her teacher.

    Communication:  It is my belief that lines of communication must be open to ensure success. You are the ultimate expert on your child and I truly value your knowledge and opinions. If you ever have any questions concerning your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to call, send a note, or email.  Thank you so much for all you do!                         

    Conference period: 9:35 - 10:20  



    *Email is my preferred form of communication during school hours for anything EXCEPT for transportation changes.  Phone calls may not be returned until after school.  If there is a last minute change in your child’s dismissal transportation, please call the office to ensure I receive the information.