• ABC's of Lowery Freshman Center

    • To speak with Attendance Clerk, Michelle Morgan, please call (972) 360-4892 or (972) 396-6975 ext. 4892, or
    • To leave a voicemail for Attendance Clerk, please call (972) 236-0600 ext. 4892, or
    • Please email Attendance Clerk, Michelle Morgan at (michelle.morgan@allenisd.org) to report an absence

    Attendance is taken each class period, every day. If your student is absent, please contact the attendance clerk to report the absence.  Please send a written parent or doctor note upon returning to school. Students have 3 days to return a note to their house office for the absence to be counted as excused.  More than 5 absences per class per semester will require time to be made up by State Law.

    Also, it is a violation of compulsory attendance when a child has unexcused voluntary absences on:

    1) 10 or more days or parts of days within a 6 month period or

    2) 3 or more days or parts of days within a 4 week period

    As a result of violating the Education Code 25.093 (Compulsory Attendance Law), a student may be referred to the truancy program.

    AISD Attendance Policy text can be found within the Student Handbook.

    – Transportation is provided for students living more than 2 miles away. The AISD website has a link to find routes and times.

    Check out during the school day
    Send a note with your student the morning of the day they will be picked up, stating the time they need to check out. Students will present the note to the teacher and go to their house office to sign out and meet you at the reception area. Please allow ample time for this process and understand the receptionist is not always able to send notes to students. You do not have to walk them back into the building after the appointment. They can sign in at their House Office with the note from their appointment.

    – are in the House Offices. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

    Dress code
    – is outlined in the Student Handbook.

    As a reminder, shorts, skirts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer.  Any athletic type shorts will be prohibited from being worn at school if they are not worn mid-thigh or longer.

    Leggings, stretch pants, yoga pants, or form fitted pants or jeans may only be worn under

    a tunic shirt, long shirt, skirt, dress or skort that covers the undergarment area at all times.

    Students may not wear boxers, pajamas or other sleepwear as outerwear.

    Pants must be naturally fitting at the waist and at the crotch.

    Pants may not sag or bag at the waist or drag on the ground. 

    For more questions on dress code please see the AISD Student Handbook.

    Any violations will be sent to the House Offices and if not able to correct, the student will be given a consequence that aligns with the student code of conduct.


    ·Warning with Correction
    ·Loss of Phone for the day until school clothes are returned


    ·1 Detention Session
    ·Loss of Phone for the day until school clothes are returned


    ·2 Detention Sessions
    ·Loss of Phone for the day until school clothes are returned


    ·Saturday School
    ·Loss of Phone for the day until school clothes are returned

    Additional Offenses

    Will result in a referral to Administration for insubordination and further discipline.

    Deliveries – Please encourage your student to come to school with everything they need for the day. However, we understand that occasionally the need arises to drop off an item. You may drop off items in the front office for retrieval by your student. Due to the volume of business through the office, non-educational deliveries such as flowers, birthday gifts, food, balloons, etc. are not permitted. Adapted from the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.

    After dropping off items at the reception, parents will need to communicate to their student and ask them to retrieve their item during passing period or lunch. We will not be able to accept student deliveries from florists, cookie/treat establishments or restaurant deliveries.

    **If the item being dropped off is necessary for medical reasons, please contact the nurse prior to arrival at Lowery.**

    E-Mail for AISD staff
    – All staff are: firstname.lastname@allenisd.org (John.Smith@allenisd.org).  Check the Directory for a complete list of Lowery Staff.

    Electronic DevicesDevices are allowed at the discretion of the teacher.  Students must follow the acceptable use policy when using their devices. Headphones are not allowed in the hallways at any time.
    Cell Phone Policy
    When a student needs to leave a classroom to go to the restroom or office, etc., they will need to leave their cell phone with the teacher. As always, your help is appreciated in reinforcing this with your student.
    Consequences for violation of Electronic Devices/Cell Phone Policy:


    Device taken away and student may pick up of device at the end of school day


    ·1 Detention Session
    ·Device taken away and parent may pick up of device at the end of school day


    ·2 Detention Sessions
    ·Device taken away and parent may pick up of device at the end of school day


    ·Saturday School
    ·Device taken away and parent may pick up of device at the end of school day
    ·Student will sign phone contract

    Additional Offenses

    Will result in a referral to Administration for insubordination and further discipline.

    Entrance for Parents – the only door available for entrance is the main door on Greenville Ave. Please do not enter through any other door to visit Lowery during the school day. All parents and visitors must check in with the receptionist. Your driver’s license in required to check out a student or receive a visitor’s badge.

    Food in Classroom – No food or drink other than water is allowed in classrooms unless it is a teacher sponsored activity.

    Game Day Lunches are to be left at the Athletic conference room across from the stadium on the LFC campus.

    Gradesare posted on Family Access. Report cards are not mailed home unless requested.

    Homework PolicyPreferably, you may email teachers at any time to request assignments.  Students have the same amount of days to make up work as they were absent with an excused absence. A homework request can be initiated with the receptionist, after the 2nd full day that the student is out.

    House Offices – Lowery has 3 House offices broken down by last names:

    House 100 (A-G)

    Principal Jessica Warlick & Secretary Lisa Shirley


    House 200 (H-O)

    Principal Nathan Lambert & Secretary Nicole Srodulski


    House 300 (P-Z)

    Principal Dr. Djara Patton & Secretary Stacy O'Dell 



    I.D. Cards As part of building safety measures to distinguish unauthorized visitors from Lowery students and staff, all students, staff and visitors will be required to wear identification badges at all times.  Badges must be unaltered and displayed in a manner that allows for quick identification.

    Students will be given their first ID card free of charge. They will also be given a lanyard.  The  ID card must be worn by the student so that it is easily visible at all times while on campus or at school events. Lost ID cards can be replaced for $5 in the House 100 Office at LFC. Students are not permitted to alter or modify their ID cards in any manner. Altered or modified ID cards will be confiscated and the student will be required to purchase a replacement. 

    There are no temporary IDs. If a student does not have their ID, they will be required to obtain a replacement ID for the day

    Consequences for Violation of ID Policy:


    Warning & Counseled by Admin


    1 Detention Session


    2 Detention Sessions


    Saturday School and Parent Conference

    Additional Offenses

    Will result in a referral to Administration for insubordination and further discipline.

    Late Buses – Run Monday - Thursday at 5:15 for students who were attending tutoring, in the testing center, or attending club meetings only. Bus passes are required to ride and only obtained from the tutoring teacher, testing center monitor, or club sponsor. Late Bus Info

    Lost & Found – Please see Security or House office for assistance.

    Lunch Money – can be deposited in the cafeteria only. The student ID number should be put on the check or envelope. It must be deposited by 9:30am at LFC to be posted for lunch that same day.

    Food DeliveriesIt is against school policy for students to have food deliveries to school. If there is a medical necessity for food to be delivered, please contact our school nurse before arriving on campus.

    Medications – must be accompanied by the written permission form available from the Nurse. NO medication should be carried by the student and none can be disbursed without written permission from a parent/guardian.

    Phone Numbers for Lowery -

    Lowery’s Front Reception Desk: 


    House 100 (A-G): 


    House 200 (H-O): 


    House 300 (P-Z): 




    Reporting Absences: 




    PTSA – Please join and support our PTSA!

    Tardy Policy – The count starts over every 9 weeks. The tardy count is cumulative, not per class period.

    Three Tardies

    1 Detention Session

    Four Tardies

    2 Detention Session

    Five Tardies

    1 Saturday School Session

    Six Tardies

    2 Saturday School Sessions

    Seven Tardies


    Teacher Questions or Concerns – please communicate directly with the teacher either via email or phone. If an appointment is needed, please arrange a time directly with the teacher. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact your House Office.

    Testing – Please be aware that the EOC testing is part of the graduation requirements. This is in addition to  Final exams. Be familiar with all testing requirements and procedures if a student is absent on a testing day.  CLICK HERE for the Testing Assessment Website.

    Volunteer Opportunities – are available on a limited basis as your student gets older. You may contact PTSA to assist with volunteering to support LFC. Please make sure to complete the volunteer application yearly at the AISD district website (CLICK HERE for the AISD Volunteer Application.)

    Yearbooks – are separate from AHS Main campus and are ordered on-line in the Fall.