Mr. Allen-Wade
  • Mr. Shawn Allen-Wade

    4th Grade

    Reading & Writing


    Phone: 972-396-6918

  • About Me:

    I am so happy to be teaching 4th Grade, my favorite grade when I was in school and so far, the most favorite grade I have taught. It is a pleasure to serve and work with students, helping to encourage them to be leaders in our community, and allowing them to help me grow in my own life and career in education. This is my 6th year of teaching 4th grade after teaching 5th Grade and 2nd Grade. 

    In 4th Grade reading we study many different genres while we read in small and whole groups as well as individually. I believe in student choice, which means higher engagement and enjoyment in their own reading life. We explore where and how we read best, if there are certain times of day where reading is more enjoyable and if there are specific reasons why a student picks different books at different times.

    Writing has always been a passion for me. Our children have their own knowledge and experiences that they bring into their writing and they can imagine some of the most interesting and engaging stories for their readers. I work to encourage students to be passionate writers who love to write and explore the different kinds of writing genres there are to experience. We will enjoy each other's authentic writings and learn to play with others in our writing experience as well as learn how to be a constructive workshop participant. Most importantly, I love when a scholar realizes that readers are writers and writers are readers!

    I LOVE TEXAS HISTORY as much as I love reading and writing! In Social Studies we learn that reading to learn and writing about our learning is a full circle of our educational experience. We grow through a hands-on approach in our learning with projects, research and simulations across the curriculum. Our state is rich with stories, traditions and most importantly pride! Our young Texans immerse themselves in the art of storytelling and listening to learn from the other scholars in the room...Not just the teacher. I take pride in knowing that our youth gain the rich understanding of how we came from six flags to become who we really are today in our culture and in our place as a part of the United States.

    In my personal life, I feel like I am a kid trapped inside an adult body. I have fun in what I do, and believe in the mantra Work Hard, Play Harder, and Enjoy Life! I love Vans and colorful and sometimes mismatched FUN socks. Happy Socks are among my favorite, and of course, any sock that has my favorite color PURPLE in it is a winner!