• Productions: Syllabus


    A dominant objective of the course is to develop the self-discipline and self-confidence of the student along with his/her cultural awareness in the realm of the performing arts.

     Productions will explore all technical aspects of play production. Areas of study include history, concepts, theories and application of scenic design, construction, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, properties, etc. Other units of study include the responsibilities of technical production staff and careers available. Theatre safety will also be taught in each unit.

    Elements of the Course – opportunities will be provided for the student’s mastery of:

    Theatre History

    Concepts and Theories

    Scenic Design, Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Make-up and Properties

    Aesthetic growth through appreciation of theatrical events

    Understanding of production work required for theatrical events, technical production staff and careers available



    Grades are based on:

    following directions (oral and written)



    improvement and/or evident desire to improve basic skills

    professional attitude in approaching assignments and performances

    consistent respect for self, others, and the purpose of the class

    1.   Division of grades:
    2.            any summative activity, test and/or performance, will

                                               count  60% of grade

    1.   all other daily activities, exercises, homework

                                               assignments will 40% of grade


    1. Class Supplies:

            Students need to bring paper and pen or pencil to class daily.  


    1. Basic procedures and Expectations:
    2.   Be on time.
    3.   Be attentive.  Avoid causing distraction…Listen in class

                Grooming will not be done during the class period

                Gum/Candy/Drink/Food are NOT ALLOWED in class 

    1.   Be sensitive to the artistic endeavors of others.  Allow each person the opportunity to succeed at his/her own individual pace and level of understanding.
    2.   Be responsible.  Display constructive use of time during all activities.  Help to make sure the classroom is kept neat and free of paper on the floor.
    3.   Be prepared.   Come to class ready to “stand and deliver”.
    4.   Be ready and willing to participate and learn!


    NOTE:  Infractions of these procedures and expectations will result in warnings, conferences, detentions, parent contacts and discipline referrals to the office.