• Teacher/Staff Favorites


      Getting to know: Jennifer Burak

      Job Title:     SSI teacher

      Birthdate: 08/30

      Favorite Beverages- Hot: Mocha coffee from Starbucks  Cold: Unsweet Tea

      Favorite Drive Thru Lunch: Chick-fil-a

      Favorite Snacks/Treats: chocolate, gummy worms/bears, nuts, anything sweet

      Best time to drop off lunch/treats: anytime!

      Allergy/Sensitivity: none

      Favorite Gift Cards: Target

      Favorite Color: blue

      Favorite Flower: any (I love flowers!)

      Favorite Candle Scent: fruity, tropical, or unscented

      The class/office always needs: colored post-it notes, colored flair pens, gel pens