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    How to Pay for Lost or Damaged Library Books
    Kerr Elementary - Allen ISD



    1. You will receive notification from the Library Media Specialist that a library book has been lost (or damaged) by your student. This notification will include information about the book, including the price of the book.

    2. Please double check your house, car, and student’s backpack for the book. Keep in mind that your student’s homeroom teacher has already been made aware of the missing book and will have already checked their classroom by the time you receive notification of a lost book.

    3. If the book cannot be located or is damaged, please use the link below to visit School Pay.


    4. School Pay will prompt you to enter the cost of the book given to you by the Library Media Specialist.

    5. Please forward the confirmation email from SchoolPay to Julie.Spielman@allenisd.org and the book will be removed from your student's account and a receipt will be sent home.

    6. If a lost book that was paid for is found, please return the book to the library, and a refund will be issued if the book is in good condition. Refunds will gladly be issued during the same school year that the book was lost. However, we will be unable to issue a refund after the last day of the school year that the book was lost.

    If you have any questions, please contact Kerr Elementary at Julie.Spielman@allenisd.org or the Library Media Specialist, Jamie.Morris@allenisd.org