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  • What is MAKERSPACE?

    A Makerspace is an area of the classroom or common media space that is reserved for creative exploration, engineering, tinkering, and inventing.  Makerspaces incorporate engineering materials, crafting materials, technology, robotics, and more. The area can be used during whole class STEAM challenges, incorporated as a center or small group rotation, accessed by individuals, or used during unstructured creative time. Instructors may choose to limit materials or assign specific tasks to students.  Sometimes Makerspaces can offer free range exploration and inventing. The possibilities are endless!


    The purpose of a Makerspace is to tap into as many different interests, passions, and strengths in our students as possible. As educators, we are tasked with the most important job in the world - creating the next generation of problem solvers, innovators, and earth-shakers.  In a Makerspace, children have opportunities to discover, assemble, construct, test, and explore using divergent thinking. Through creative exploration and purposeful play - as well as through more structured challenges - students become critical thinkers and inventors while collaborating with their peers.


    Want to help supply our Makerspace? 

    Your donations of clean recyclables, spare craft supplies, and outgrown STEAM items would be greatly appreciated!

     Click this link for a list of needed supplies.



    Video: What is Coding?

    Think Like a Computer

    Kodable- A parent can create an account for you. - Provides many lessons and challenges.  You choose!

    Create Your Own Google Logo

    Tynker - Offers many activities to choose from for various ages. Some feature well-known characters and toys.

    Trinket/Hour of Python - Offers more advanced coding opportunities.

    Scratch- Code your own scenes and animations (recommended for ages 8+).

    Scratch Jr. - Recommended for ages 5-7.

    Khan Academy - Recommended for 3rd grade and up.


    Coding Glossary - Provides definitions for words used in coding.