• Free ACT, SAT and PSAT Test Prep


    Free Online SAT and PSAT Prep with Khan Academy

    College Boardthe company that makes the PSAT and SAT, partners with Khan Academy to provide a free, online study platform for students to prepare for the PSAT and SAT.

    • Students are able to receive a personalized online study plan!
    • All students need to do to take advantage of this great opportunity is link their College Board account to their Khan Academy account and start studying! 

    Steps to link your accounts are listed in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlveV0131Cw. Written steps are also available on this document.

    This information is also available in Naviance in the Document Resources in each grade level folder. 

    Free SAT Study App from College Board

    Free Online ACT Prep with ACT

    ACT offers free, online test prep resources on their Test Prep website

    Free resources available on their test prep website:

    • ACT Academy
      • Free, personalized practice for the ACT
    • Additional Free Test Prep Resources
      • Free Study Guide
      • Question of the Day
      • Practice for Each Subject
        • Online practice for each subject area