• Targeted Improvement Plan

    Within the state accountability system, campuses must engage in intervention requirements, including identifying members of the Campus Intervention Team, conducting a needs assessment, and developing an implementing a Targeted Improvement plan if:
    • a campus received an overall rating of F;
    • a campus receives an overall rating or a performance rating in any domain of D;
    • a campus receives a Comprehensive Support and Improvement identification; 
    • a campus receives a Targeted Support and Improvement identification; or
    • a campus receives an Additional Targeted Support identification


    Specific intervention requirements are outlined for each method of identification.
    In the 2019 state accountability ratings system, Boyd was identified for Targeted Support and Improvement. Additionally, Boyd earned a D in the Closing the Gaps domain. In compliance with intervention requirements, the Targeted Improvement Plan (which is embedded within the Campus Improvement Plan) for Boyd Elementary is posted below.



Last Modified on November 6, 2019