• PE Expectations

    Please check the schedule to see which days your child comes to PE.  Help them remember to wear athletic shoes on their PE days.  All grades have movement on Wednesday's plus 2 other day's each week for PE.  6th graders will come to PE according to what music class they have chosen (Choir, Band, Orchestra).

    To help your child be successful in PE please have your child wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes on their PE days.  Girls will need shorts under dresses or skirts.  Pants that are loose will need a belt. 

    Students should bring a water bottle to PE.  

    If your child is ill or injured please send a note if you would like them to sit out and be excused from PE.  If a doctor note has been sent for an illness or injury - I will need also need a doctor note for your child to return to activities in PE.

    Your child will receive a class participation grade and a conduct grade from PE.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at dylan.martin@allenisd.org