• Sixth Grade Choir


    Dear 6th Grade Choir Families,

    I am thrilled that your scholar will participate in the 6th grade choir! This year, your choir scholar will learn the mechanics of healthy choral singing while continuing to improve on music reading and listening skills. I look forward to a year with many opportunities for your young musician to shine, both in class and on the stage.

    Effective communication is key to success for any organization. I will be utilizing Skyward Gradebook as my main means of email communication. Please make sure your email listed in Skyward is correct, so you can receive reminders of upcoming events, performances, and due dates.

    The success of the group is dependent upon the effort of each individual. A successful choir member not only attends performances, but consistently participates positively in rehearsals. The following two points detail requirements that students must meet in order to participate in choir events:

    •    Students must maintain eligibility to attend any choir-related incentive trip. Choir students must have a 70 or above in ALL classes by the school district’s established deadlines.

    •    Exemplary behavior is expected both in and out of choir. Students must have an “O” or “S” in conduct and be in good standing with all elementary teachers and administration. Choir students represent Rountree Elementary when they perform and have an opportunity to make a tremendous name for our school.

    There will be two required performances this year: 

    •    12/5 Ford Cluster Holiday Concert 
    •     5/15 Allen ISD Choir Festival/Main Event incentive day trip
    I will send detailed information regarding each performance well in advance of the event as well as information about the upcoming Allen Honor Choir Auditions.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.