• This is where you can find virtual story times from authors and publishers. 

    Mrs. Janek will also share her own virtual story times along with other Allen librarians story times too.

    You must join our Lindsey Virtual Story Time Google Classroom to view these videos. Parents/guardians may email Mrs. Janek for the class code - just be sure to include a student name in the email request. You may also see your teachers' weekly lesson plans for the class code - you'll find it listed by "Lindsey's Virtual Story Time" in MONDAY'S "Optional Extensions and Online Resources" section. Please keep this code private, as our classroom is just for us!  

    To join our Virtual Story Time Google Classroom:

    1. Sign in to the AISD Portal.
    2. Click on the Google Classroom icon (image example at bottom).
    3. Click the + symbol in the top right corner.
    4. Click "Join class."
    5. Enter our class code found in your weekly lesson plans by Lindsey's Virtual Story Time.
    6. Click "Join."

     You should only need to do this once, and then you can visit our Virtual Story Time Google Classroom whenever you'd like!  Remember to access Google Classroom through the student portal by clicking on the image below. 

     If you have any questions regarding the virtual story times or activities, please reach out to Mrs Janek at heather.janek@allenisd.org.

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    Allen Public Library Virtual Story Times