• Examination of Acceleration (EOA) Frequently Asked Questions

    What examinations will my child take?
    English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
    What material does the examination cover?
    Examinations cover material for the appropriate subject in that grade level, as reflected in the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
    What does "TEA-accredited" mean?
    While many private organizations hold accreditations from various sources, in order for a student to be considered as having "prior instruction," the organization must have gone through the accreditation process with the Texas Education Agency, ensuring that content covered aligns with the TEKS. TEA-accreditation may be verified through the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission
    How is testing scheduled?
    Testing is scheduled across two days during the scheduled administration window (Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday & Thursday). Typically, Math and Science are administered on the same day and English Language Arts/Reading and Social Studies are administered on the same day. We prefer not to schedule all four tests within a single day. You will need to have your student at the designated testing site by 8:30 AM.
    How long will testing take?
    Students are permitted up to 3 hours for each examination. However, based on multiple years of administering tests, typically students at all grade levels are able to complete both tests before lunch. A short break will be taken between tests. Parents will be asked to return to pick up students at 11:00 AM. If your child finishes early, you will be contacted. Similarly, if it appears that your child will not complete both tests before lunch, you will be contacted to determine whether you want to pick the child up for a lunch break and return him/her to complete testing after. No more than 3 hours will be allowed per test.
    May I stay while my child tests?
    We ask that you leave your child with us for testing and return at pick-up time. If your child finishes testing early, we will contact you at the phone number provided. Your child will remain in the testing room with his/her test administrator until pick-up time, and students will be provided with opportunities to use the restroom if needed.
    What does my child need to bring?
    Please bring 2-3 sharpened pencils. Additionally, your child is welcome to bring a water bottle and a snack. If you send a snack, please refrain from sending snacks with nut products in the event that other students testing have nut sensitivities.
    Who will test my child? 
    Your child will be tested by campus staff members who regularly work with and/or assess students throughout the school year. 
    Will my child be tested by himself or herself?
    This will depend upon what test your student is taking. Typically, no more than 4-5 students will be assigned to a single testing room.
    How long will it take for the results to arrive?
    You will typically receive results within 1-2 weeks and then you may coordinate with the campus for decisions if the student attained the required scores on all tests to be considered for acceleration. If your student took the 4th or 7th grade EOAs, it will take a little longer as these tests include a writing sample that must be scored and returned.
    Does my child have to fill out a scantron/bubble sheet?
    Students taking the 2nd through 8th-grade EOAs will be required to complete a bubble sheet. If your child is unfamiliar with this, the test administrator will provide directions as the student begins testing. Students taking the Kindergarten and 1st-grade examinations will circle their responses in the test booklet. In addition, the Kindergarten and 1st-grade examinations are read aloud to students, who will have their own copies of test booklets to follow along and circle answers.