• 2021-2022 Educational Grant Awards

    Advanced Academics - AP/IB/GT

    Cheatham Elementary School - Building up STEAM! (Karri Decker)


    Boyd Elementary School - Motivation Market (Julia Georgas)

    Curtis Middle School - Soothing Self-Care Strategies (Ryan Thomasco, Lisa Phillips)

    Curtis Middle School - Y.E.S. (Year End Service Project) (Sheri Kuester)

    Ereckson Middle School - Soaring Into Success! (Laurie Schaefer)

    Green Elementary School - Mindful Miniatures (Julie Lindberg)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Real World Learning Through Virtual Guest Speakers (Sara Paa)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Might As Well be Awesome! (Jessica Warlick)

    Marion Elementary School - Laser Focused on a Bully-Free Marion (Ashley Barbeau)

    Marion Elementary School - Kindness Matters (Amber Preston)

    Marion Elementary School - Power in Circles (Courtney Halpin, Ashley Barbeau)

    Marion Elementary School - Marion Kindness Club (Kelley Lawrence)

    Rountree Elementary School - Rountree Rockstars! (Paige Zettler)

    Story Elementary School - Story Falcons Increasing Social Emotional Learning (Stacey Thomas)

    Vaughan Elementary School - Success in Friendship (Melissa Dreher)

    Vaughan Elementary School - Journaling to a Better Me! (Christina Fine, Melissa Dreher)

    Career and Technology

    Ford Middle School - FMS Robotics (Kelli Walston, Edwin Dolores)

    Early Childhood

    Rountree Elementary School - Building Early Language Skills (Ruby Dalton, Courney Marines, Elizabeth Hedary, Jessica Rivers, Lilliana Ascencio)

    Story Elementary School - In the Seat for Success (Georgie Alexander)

    English Language Arts (Elementary) & Dyslexia

    AISD Dyslexia Program - DT Leveled Readers  (Ella Jones, Jill Jaska, Susie Barlow, Debbie Smith, Deb Scott, Carli Burke, Dena Goddard, Amber Arnold, Candice Frazier, Janice Harrop, Marla Burnes, Julieta Henderson, Andela Lunde, Shia Valdovinos, Janell Cook, Tami Everett)

    Boyd Elementary School - Read Naturally (Dena Goddard)

    Boyd Elementary School -"Extra, Extra! Read All About It!" Learning from Scholastic Magazine (Julia Georgas)

    Chandler Elementary School - Building Literacy Through Book Clubs (Stephanie Gardner)

    Chandler Elementary School - Pioneer Reading (Lindsay McClain)

    Cheatham Elementary School - FUNdamental Phonics in First Grade (Mikala Hartis)

    Green Elementary School - Mirror, Mirror In My Hand (Anna Levy)

    Green Elementary School - Learning to LOVE Reading: 2nd Grade Book Clubs (Kristin Crothers)

    Kerr Elementary School - Seeing Ourselves in Characters (Allison Malcolm)

    Lindsey Elementary School - A is for Apple (Jennifer Sessums)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Where's Your Evidence?  (Elizabeth Helms)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Soaring to Success with Literature Circles  (Holly May)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Reading Reaction with Scope (Jennifer Smith)

    Lindsey Elementary School - My Magazine  (Akiya Garrity)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Embracing Diversity Through Literature (Katherine Heriot)

    Marion Elementary School - Crazy Kinetic Sandy Letters  (Jamie Sutherland)

    Olson Elementary School - Olson Elementary Book Club  (Rebecca Hughes)

    Preston Elementary School - Reaching Readers Through Read Alouds  (Maloree Tennison, Monica Lemons)

    Preston & Lindsey Elementary Schools - Windows and Mirrors seeing ourselves in text!  (Tracy Turner)

    Reed Elementary School - Non-Fiction Know-How (Amy Williams)

    Rountree Elementary School - Find Your Hero  (Rachelle Privett)

    Rountree Elementary School - As the book-page turns... (Tanya Castillo, Sara Johnson, Halle Ulfsrud)

    Story Elementary School - Story Summer Book Club (Christie Barrick)

    Vaughan Elementary School - I See Me In Books!  (Laura Nguyen)

    Vaughan Elementary School - Powerful Mirrors: Literature that Reflects Our Diverse Community (Aimee Hilton, Alison Smithwick)

    Vaughan Elementary School - For Argument's Sake (Lindsay Domenico)

    English Language Arts (Secondary)

    Allen High School - Leaders are Readers!  (Jennifer Clements)

    Ereckson Middle School - Oral Learning Supports for ELA (Debra Herman, Sabrina Passanante)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Wiggle While We Work (Stacey Flanagan)

    ESL / Bilingual

    Marion Elementary School - Xtreme Readers (Lindy Cowan)

    Rountree Elementary School - Readers Are Leaders - Spanish Language Arts  (Liliana Ascencio)

    Fine Arts 

    Bolin Elementary School - It's a Small World-Bolin Multicultural Night (Paula Till, Stacy Palmertree, Melissa Wilson)

    Curtis Middle School - Curtis MS Theatre I Field Trip to A Christmas Carol (Jessamyn Berger)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Magical Carpet Ride  (Theresa Nolte)

    Reed Elementary School - Getting to know the world's greatest artists (Brandye Barron)

    Library / Makerspace

    Allen High School - Building eSports for the Future (Corey Taylor)

    Lindsey Elementary School - A Reading Tool to Help Readers SOAR  (Heather Janek)

    Marion Elementary School - And the Winner is... (Deborah Bellando)

    Story Elementary School - Sports Section Refresh  (Kimberly Richardson)

    Vaughan Elementary School - Vaughan Library, Nonfiction  (Alison Smithwick)

    Math / Elementary

    Boon & Olson Elementary Schools - From Problem Solving to Problem Posing (Brenda Fee)

    Boyd Elementary School - Motivation Math (Trish Jarboe)

    Boyd Elementary School -  Visual Vocabulary Cards  (Patricia Dobson)

    Chandler Elementary School - Inviting Students to the World of Math Through Books and Games (Carrie Rios)

    Marion Elementary School - Shake It Up!   (Rhonda Bernard)

    Marion Elementary School - Reading in Math with Math Solutions!  (Dianne Barton)

    Marion Elementary School - Math GPS- Guiding our students daily in Mathematics   (Dianne Barton)

    Marion Elementary School - Numicon Numbers   (Bethany McIntyre)

    Norton Elementary School - Rise and Shine; It's Tang Math Time!  (Vidya Anand)

    Olson Elementary School - Greg Tang Math Games  (Sharla Gant)

    Story Elementary School - Math Within Reach  (Shelby Mathews)

    Physical Education

    Bolin Elementary School - Fitness Fun Day  (Stacy Palmertree, Jacinda Owen)

    Bolin Elementary School - Marathon Mania  (Jacinda Owen)

    Green Elementary School - Rootin' Tootin' Fun Scooter Skills  (Rebecca Stamey, Chad Sanford)

    Kerr Elementary School - Scootin' Boogie  (Lisa Yost)

    Lindsey Elementary School - Scooters Fun  (Connie Beaney)

    Marion Elementary School - Fit & Fun Sensory Movement Pathway  (Kera Williams, Heidi Mortensen)

    Science / STEAM

    Bolin Elementary School - Little Explorers  (Alison Coe, Jennifer Craig, Laura Pecina)

    Boon Elementary School - 4th Grade Circuits  (Teri Stepanic)

    Boon Elementary School - Boon Does SCIENCE! (Teri Stepanic)

    Chandler Elementary School - Building STEAM  (Shelby Caraway)

    Chandler Elementary School - Squishy Circuits  (Stephanie Gardner)

    Cheatham Elementary School - Breakout Edu  (Courtney Knight)

    Curtis Middle School - Blinded by the light, moon, and physics!  (Randall Mobley)

    Ereckson Middle School  - Ereckson BEST Robotics Team GOES PRO   (Graham Gadd)

    Ereckson Middle School - VEX Robotics Competition Event Host  (Raul Castillo)

    Ereckson Middle School - 3D printing with Robotics  (Graham Gadd)

    Green Elementary School - ScienceSaurus! Bridging Science and Literacy  (Sarah Twedt)

    Green Elementary School - Generation Genius (Sarah Wallwork)

    Marion Elementary School - K-6 Marion: Weather or Not  (K'Lee Arnold)

    Marion Elementary School - All Fur the Fun of it!  (Chelsea Hubacek)

    Marion Elementary School - Let There Be Light  (Cheryl Winters)

    Norton Elementary School - Masters of Science  (Shawna Wheeler)

    Norton Elementary School - From Egg to Chicken  (Marci Dolton)

    Norton Elementary School - Sphero Space STEM  (Karen Szeryk)

    Preston Elementary School - Little Scientists  (Catherine Underwood)

    Preston Elementary School - Hands on Learning  (Jamye Hall, Amy McCullough, Melissa Benitoa, Andrea Jackson)

    Reed Elementary School - Weather or Not!  (Christi Stinchcomb)

    Reed Elementary School - What's Hatching?  (Morgan Ross)

    Social Studies

    Allen High School - Tale of Two Cities - 9/11 Museum & Memorial  (Jennifer Clements)

    Evans Elementary School - Experiencing Real History  (Jessie Rohlmeier)

    Special Education

    Administration Building - Skills to Pay the Bills  (Denise Maxwell)

    Allen High School - Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning to target skills more efficiently  (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence  (Kelly Brown)

    Allen High School - Full interaction  (Jessica Jones, Sarah Rambo)

    Allen High School - Eagle Creations  (Phyllis Adams)

    Allen High School: STEAM Center - Unified Robotics  (Lynn Klodzinski)

    Anderson, Evans, Olson, Curtis MS & AHS - Adapt Me!  (Patricia Reyna)

    Chandler Elementary School - Concrete to Abstract: Learning with Manipulatives  (Shayne Williams)

    Chandler Elementary School - Ready, Set, Cook!  (Blake Pi)

    Cheatham & Rountree Elementary Schools - Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Tools for Success!  (Holly Sanchez, Karen Ruehlen, Mariana Esparza, Karen Roan)

    Curtis Middle School - Independence through Community Based Instruction  (Crystal Wright)

    Green Elementary School - Flocabulary (Diane Drogosch, Linda Clift, Lisa Kungle, Olivia Adkins)

    Green Elementary School - Learning Math with Touch  (Lisa Kungle)

    Olson Elementary School - Everyday Speech  (Mary Hignite, Amanda Holcom)

    Vaughan Elementary School - Feel the Sound  (Kathleen O'Connor)