• "A Novel Idea" Book Club

    Throughout the school year, 6th grade students will be participating in book clubs, where they will select a book based on their interest and grouped accordingly. Students will lead and run their club, and will work collaboratively with their peers to discuss books, strengthen reading skills, and deepen their understanding of the text.

    Boyd - Rebecca Cothron

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  • "Series"ous About Reading

    New series books will foster a level of engagement with students as they can self-select the books they're most interested in and participate in book talks, class discussions, and writing to further engage in the reading process.

    Preston - Tracy Turner, Heather Haley, Christy Wright, Robyn Herbert, Kelli Maurer, (Lindsey) Lori Kearney, Ashley Bechtold, Rebecca White, Elizabeth Shaw, Megan McCain, Akiya Garrity

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  • A Novel Idea: Using Graphic Novels to Support Readers in Middle School

    Graphic novels grow readers in secondary classrooms by providing illustrations and graphics that help increase comprehension, especially for reluctant readers. This allows readers to engage in texts and show success in their learning; therefore, increasing self-confidence and enthusiasm for reading and writing.

    Ereckson - Laura Crawford, Hallie Winters, Ann Reynolds, Sarah Bell, Joseph Drake, Stacey Schuble

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  • A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Preston 6th graders will meet in groups to discuss engaging, student-selected graphic novels. Each student will be provided with their own copy of the book so they can read, annotate, and discuss their ideas and feelings about the graphic novels. 

    Preston - Renee Nelson

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    ALLenReads encourages the entire Allen community to read the same book or set of books. The grant provides copies of the selected books to all campus in Allen ISD, and the students have access to community events related to the books, such as author and illustrator speakers, writing presentations, and musical performances.

    Curtis - Brenda Kay Hawkins

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  • Bean Bag Refills

    The purpose of this grant is to purchase refill bags and bring bean bag seats back to life. Students enjoy the flexibility, taking turns to sit on the bean bags and accomplish daily learning goals such as reading, and they have become a "must-have" for a welcoming classroom environment

    Bolin - Roya Azimi

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  • Biography Section Refresh

    A refresh to the Vaughan Library biography collection will provide students much needed access to a diverse collection of stories about people with whom they may be familiar as well as books about important leaders, thinkers, artists, innovators, and others who have made significant contributions.

    Vaughan - Alison Smithwick

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  • Blackhawk Vocabulary Building!

    Boyd Elementary students are learning new vocabulary and building their own academic word banks while engaging in fun music that appeals to their interests. Flocabulary engages students through informative music videos, learning games, interactive quizzes, vocabulary and writing activities. 

    Boyd - Rebecca Cothron, Melinda McClelland, Latrice Sherrell, Lizabeth Solcher, Lizette Larios

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  • Book Club series

    During the book series club unit, 2nd grade readers will be placed in groups by reading level and reading interests. They will be taught reading club behaviors and be meeting daily to discuss what they are reading and learning in their new books.

    Norton - Shelley Murphy, Charlene Kemme

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  • Building a Culturally Diverse Reading Life

    A novel study based on the award winning book, Rickshaw Girl, will spark a passion for reading and learning, while meeting the needs of Kerr's diverse population.

    Kerr - Allison Malcolm

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