• Ereckson Full Orchestra Making Music with Maestro Musella

    The Ereckson Full Orchestra, numbered at 100 students, will collaborate with musical composer, Gabriel Musella, in the creation and production of a unique orchestral piece for middle school musicians. This custom piece will be performed by the Ereckson Full Orchestra and showcased on at least two different occasions and for three competitions during the first year of its creation.

    Ereckson - Joanna DeVoto, DJ Vaccarezza

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  • First Generation Musicians

    The First Generation Musicians Grant will give interested and qualified 6th grade students the opportunity to pursue musical performance which they otherwise would be unable to afford.

    Boyd - Cheryl Perrault

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  • Mastering the Beginning Band

    Students will attend a monthly event hosted at Ford, in which they will spend at least 45 minutes learning from a master instrument professional. Students will learn fundamental music skills, and master teachers will lead them through various group collaborative musical studies, model for them, and give opportunities for students to practice the skills under supervision.

    Ford - Kyle Wiechman

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  • Purposeful Pathways: The Road to Music Literacy

    Purposeful Pathways is an elementary music curriculum series that teaches students to sing musically, perform on instruments, read and write musical notation, create music within specific guidelines, as well as evaluate music and music performances. This series is an exciting way to create a community of life long musicians.

    Lindsey - Lexie Jensen

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  • Structures, Sculptures and Straws

    Students at Lindsey Elementary will enjoy creating works of art in a two dimensional format and then watching their works of art come to life by using straw connector sets to recreate the same project in a three dimensional format. By simply attaching colorful jacks and straws students open a world of creative three dimensional possibilities and works of art.

    Lindsey - Theresa Nolte

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  • Teacher Kodaly Training

    Two Allen ISD elementary music teachers will attended 3 weeks of intensive Kodaly training at SMU. The strategies, techniques, and resources from this training will be an incredible asset to the teacher to better deliver the elementary music curriculum.

    District - Jeff Turner

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  • The "Smartest Artist" Art Library

    The books in the art library can empower students to explore art concepts, make real world connections to other cultures, and learn about art careers. As students spend more time using the art library, they will gain confidence in their own artwork as their skills increase from book guided independent practice.

    Reed - Brandye Barron

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  • The Gameplan Curriculum for Music Education

    The Gameplan Curriculum For Music Education books offer a variety of lessons for each grade level paced over the course of an entire school year. The lessons in these books are based on traditional folk songs and offer activities for singing, playing instruments, notation and literacy, movement, and composition.

    Reed - Destiny Cookus

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  • Theatre Productions Costumes Hair and Makeup

    A new Theatre Productions class will introduce students to costumes, hair and makeup design, and application.

    AHS - Renee Harris, LeighAnn Unkenholz

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  • Tuning Fine Motor Skills

    Light boxes help to illuminate the path for tuning fine motor skills for students of all ages. Younger students will use light boxes to aide with simple drawing while older students will use the tool for more complex projects such as hand drawn animation or flip books.

    Olson - Souksanit Manes

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