• Chess Field Trip

    Chess Club students will be able to take a field trip to the North Texas Chess Center in Addison which provides enriching opportunities for scholastic chess players.

    Boyd - Patricia Dobson

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  • Pressure is ON! .... or is it OFF!?

    Students learn to use a pressure sensor to study chemical reactions, relative concentrations of substances, and the limitations of using pressure sensors in determination of speeds of reactions.

    AHS - Sandra Lee

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  • Puppet-Based Learning

    Puppet-based learning teaches students design thinking, growth mindset, writing, how to work in shareable media, and how to approach learning without fear.

    Cheatham - Karri Decker

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  • Upping Our Biotechnology Game

    Mini-PCR will allow us to use cutting-edge biotechnology with advanced science students. Using this equipment will allow our students to explore concepts in molecular biology, genetics, and biological engineering.

    AHS - Jennifer Sweaks, Lee Ferguson

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