• Drum Beat Heart Beat

    Marion Elementary 6th grade students will have the opportunity to hear and experience the history and cultural significance of African drums from throughout the African Diaspora. This experience will help enhance their learning of World Cultures in their Social Studies class.

    Marion - Samantha Fields, Kristin Elliott, Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Kalinec, Dayna Price

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  • Historical Encounters

    Historical Encounters allows students to interact with engaging historical events through hands on interactive learning experiences. World Cultures students create learning boxes as a presentation of what they have learned, then will use the learning box to teach a group of students about it.

    Bolin - Christy Wilson

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  • Texas Longhorn

    Cowboy Mike visits the 7th graders for a day to discuss the importance of cattle drives and their lasting impact on Texas. He also brings one of his partners, a real-live longhorn steer that he has raised and trained. Together they demonstrate to the students why the longhorn is a Texas icon.

    Curtis - Zoe Rumpff, Toni Wyatt

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