• Book Boxes for Deaf/Blind Students

    Book Boxes provide a way for deaf blind or students with low incident disabilities to experience a story by combining a book with corresponding objects, figurines, play dough and other engaging sensory items.

    Reed - Antoinette Tillinghast

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  • Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning to target skills more efficiently

    MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning. MobyMax's adaptive curriculum creates an individualized education plan for each student ensuring that students get the extra instruction they need.

    AHS - Lynn Klodzinski, Amanda Maxwell

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  • Eagle Creations

    Eagle Creations is a program that allows students in Specialized Programs at Allen High School to develop a wide variety of vocational skills through creating and selling products to the Allen ISD community. This opportunity for students results in increased independence and employability skills.

    AHS - Phyllis Adams, Amanda Maxwell

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  • Exceptional Learners

    The Active Learning classroom focuses on helping special needs students with multiple disabilities learn by actively participating and exploring the environment around them. This grant will allow us to purchase the enabling devices that will teach important skills such as fine motor coordination and cause/effect while they also provide auditory, visual, and tactile sensory experiences.

    AHS - Cheryl Dowd, Jessica Jones

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  • I Can Hear It Now!

    Special education students need to be able to hear what is being said on the device they are using. With headphones, students would be able to maintain focus on the task and not be distracted by the small group teaching and distractions of the classroom around them.

    Chandler - Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo, Meghan Ayers

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  • Learning Math with Touch

    TouchMath will allow students to make substantial growth in their mathematical skills and concept knowledge. Through the use of a variety of instructional methods students are given the opportunity to use concrete objects to experience math then apply what they have learned.

    Preston - Paula Stockwell

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  • Magical Movement for Minis in Motion

    This grant would help youngest learners continue to develop stronger gross motor skills during indoor recess. As we see the progress of early childhood development, gross motor skills then lend the children to develop fine motor and social emotional skills as well.

    Rountree - Suzana Spina

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  • Sensory Needs for Special Needs

    This grant would provide Reed with items such as sensory boards, flexible seating, puzzles, bins, balls, fidgets, and numerous sensory items. All these items would would help give children ways to challenge and calm themselves.

    Reed - Amy Wright, Barbara Dill

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  • STEAM Center R&R Room

    The STEAM Center R&R Room is within the STEAM Testing Center. The R&R Room is a calming environment to soothe students experiencing anxiety or stress in a supervised environment.

    STEAM Center - Rue Campbell

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  • Unified Robotics

    Allen High School students, supported by peer coaches, explore and learn about the world of robotics in the Unified Robotics Club. Teams build a robot using the First Lego League kit, develop their strategy, and compete in a Sumo-Bot competition with other teams. 

    AHS - Lynn Klodzinski, Greg Burnham (STEAM Center)

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