• Welcome to IB Biology HL Year Two!

    I'm excited for our upcoming year--this is year two of our course and we have an awful lot we have to learn in a very short amount of time.  This year we will be completing the remainder of our IB-required labs, as well as the Internal Assessment which we will discuss the first week of class so that you can begin planning how you will conduct it.

    Supplies you'll need for class this year:

    • Your binder from last year, if you took it home for the spring earlier this year.
    • Highlighters
    • Pens in multiple colours for colour-coding learning statements
    • Pencils (mechanical pencils are okay)
    • You will need your own box of coloured pencils this year as I cannot have a common class set of them.

    Please enjoy the rest of your summer, and keep yourself and others safe--stay home as much as possible, and if you must leave home, wear a mask! 

    Mrs. Ferguson 


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