•  ‘About Mr. Fornadel’


    November 5

    Favorite Color


    Favorite Scent


    Favorite Restaurant(s)

    Starbucks, BJ's, Joe's Italian Bistro, Sonic, Chick-fil-A

    Favorite Snack(s)

    Goldfish Cheese Crackers (Cheddar and Parmesean)

    Favorite Soft Drink(s)

    Prefer Unsweet Iced Tea, but Vanilla Coke

    Favorite Specialty Coffee/Tea

    Blond Vanilla Latte (Hot or Over Ice)

    Favorite Shopping Spot(s)

    Target, Gamestop, Amazon

    Favorite Flowers/Plants

    Anything that is very hard to kill ;-)

    Favorite Franchises/Characters

    Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Yoda, Goofy

    Favorite Pens

    Pentel Energel (.7mm), Flairs

    In my spare time, I like to…

    Read, Write, Trail Biking, Gaming (online and offline)

    My Games

    Star Wars-The Old Republic, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, The Final Fantasy Series, The Kingdom Hearts Series, and any Star Wars Game