• What is Dyslexia?

    • Difficulty reading single words in isolation
    • Difficulty accurately decoding nonsense or unfamiliar words
    • Slow, inaccurate, or labored oral reading (lack of reading fluency)
    • Phonological memory
    • Learning the names and letters and their associated sounds
    • Rapid naming of familiar objects, colors, or letter of the alphabet

    What causes Dyslexia?

    • A difference in the way the brain works
    • There are strong genetic effects

    What is Dyslexia Therapy?

    Dyslexia Therapy is a program for students who have an educational identification of dyslexia. These students have average to above average ability and struggle with reading, written expression, spelling or a combination of these.

    Students with dyslexia need explicit, direct instruction that is systematic (structured), sequential and cumulative.

    Dyslexia Therapy is a multi-sensory phonics-based program beginning with the very simple and moving to the very complex of the English language. Dyslexia Therapists receive specialized training in Academic Language Therapy.

    Dyslexia Fact Sheet