• Hello and Welcome!


    My name is Ms.Frazier and I am the Dyslexia Therapist here at Cheatham Elementary! I am eager to meet all of you and start our journey together as we dig deep into understanding the structure of the English Language. 

     Here are a few facts about me:


    This is my 11th year in education and I still feel the excitement and joy that comes with every new school year. I usually come back from the school holiday with stories to share from my latest adventure overseas. Traveling and exploring a new place and what the culture and people offer is such a treasure to me. Summer of 2022 was spent with my family touring the UK! Ireland was by far my favorite of all the countries. I have a goldendoodle puppy that you will hear about often. She makes for wonderful stories!

    I absolutely love building relationships with my students and exploring new pathways to learn through a Multisensory Program in Dyslexia Therapy. When my students graduate from Dyslexia Therapy, I always encourage them to let me know how life is going and to keep in touch, so if that is you, please send me an update sometime! :)

    This school year we have a new Dyslexia Therapist that will work with many of the students and her name is Jamie Mcclendon. She is a wonderful addition to our staff! :)