No Red Ink

No Red Ink

  • Please visit the following link to access No Red Ink:


    To create an account on No Red Ink:

    1. Click "Sign Up" in the upper right-hand corner.

    Step 1


    2. Click "I'm a Student".

    Step 2


    3. Type busy bat 4 into the class code and click continue. 

    Step 3



    Type in your first & last name

    Type your 6-digit Student ID number into the username AND password section. BE SURE TO TYPE SLOWLY SO YOU DON'T MAKE ANY MISTAKES!

    Select your gender

    Leave email section blank

    Click "sign up for a student account"


    Step 4


    5. You may click through the different sections choosing your favorite characters, movies, etc.

    Step 5


    6. Once the bar at the top is completely green, you will click "continue". This completes your account set-up! :)

    Step 6