• Mission Statement


    The mission of the Allen ISD School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students. AISD counselors are advocates who, in partnership with other stakeholders, provide support to maximize academic achievement and student potential.


    Program Definition



    The Allen ISD School Counseling Program serves ALL students through a systematic, sequential, clearly defined, and accountable program. School counselors meet the needs of students based on data, alignment with district goals, and a unified belief in the mission and vision of the Allen Independent School District. The program is delivered by master’s degreed school counselors in collaboration with faculty, staff, families, and the community. It is aligned with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs which integrates Academic, Social Emotional, and Career Development so that students will be able to demonstrate competencies in interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness, post-secondary planning and career readiness, and personal health and safety.



    Program Rationale



    A comprehensive school counseling program helps to balance the fundamental processes of teaching and learning in education. It is systematic, developmental, and preventative in its approach. School counselors collect data from multiple stakeholders with the intention of using that information to more effectively and efficiently support student success. The counseling program provides the foundation upon which the school counselor is able to build lessons and activities designed to maximize student growth and development.



    Program Assumptions



    For the Allen ISD School Counseling Program to be effective, the following assumptions are made:



    • The nature and substance of school counseling programs will be comprehensive, preventative, and continuous in the three areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.
    • All students, grades PK – 12, will have access to school counseling services.
    • All students will participate in the school guidance/counseling program and will have their differences and special needs considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program.
    • All students, PK-12, will have access to a full-time, state-certified, master’s degree-level school counselor to deliver the counseling program.
    • The program will be based on specified goals and competencies.
    • The school counselor will work with the assistance of other schools, parents, guardians and community representatives to plan program services.
    • The school counselor will participate in professional development activities and abide by the professional school counseling ethics.
    • Counseling services provided to students and schools will be data driven with appropriate accountability components, evaluated and shared with stakeholders.



    Goal Development


    Program goals are developed based on the needs of the campus. Goals should be realistic and specific, should be measurable, and should align with the identified opportunities for growth as defined by campus and district level needs assessments. Lois Lindsey Elementary uses two forms of needs assessment - a campus level google form sent to teachers, students, and community members AND a Measured Results Analysis developed by FranklinCovey as part of our campus Leader in Me curriculum (see 2020-21 results below).


    Program Evaluation


    The school counselor will be responsible for assessing progress made towards to the accomplishment of each previously identified goal. Through consultation with counseling program stakeholders, the counselor will determine which interventions were successful and how best to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the counseling program in general. Data collected throughout the year, in the form of student surveys, discipline reports, informal classroom conversations, and teacher feedback will help define future program goals.