• lunch
         Welcome to 'The Max'
    The Vaughan cafeteria is also known as 'The Max Cafe.'  Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their children in the assigned area of the cafeteria.  After checking in at the reception desk, proceed to 'The Max' to meet your student at the parent tables.  

    Cafeteria Visitor Reminders:

    • All visitors must enter/exit through the cafeteria door closest to the stage.
    • Visitors should remain on the stage while visiting for lunch.
    • Visitors may not walk students down the hall or back to class.
    • Only approved family members and/or guardians are allowed to have lunch with students.  
    • Siblings are welcome if they are able to follow the expectations.
    • Students may not invite friends to join them.
    • Visitors may not use technology, phones, cameras, etc. while in the cafeteria during the school day.
    • Visitors may not engage in conversations with other students while visiting in the cafeteria.
    • Visitors should follow the same cafeteria expectations as students … sitting on the bench correctly, using inside voices, keeping area clean, using appropriate language and manners, etc.
    • Refrain from conferencing with teacher(s) in the cafeteria.  Call or email to ask them questions or request a conference if needed.
    Please use the links below for helpful information about our cafeteria services.
Last Modified on September 4, 2018