Delivery System
    Counseling services are provided at Vaughan in four ways.
    1. School Guidance Curriculum:  classroom instruction, group activities, interdisciplinary curriculum
    2. Responsive Services:  consultation, individual and small-group counseling, crisis counseling/response, referrals, peer facilitation
    3. Individual Student Planning:  individual or small-group appraisal, individual or small-group advisement
    4. System Support:  professional development, consultation, collaboration and teaming, program management and operation
    AISD Guidance Curriculum

    Allen ISD Counselors provide guidance in these areas throughout the school year in alignment with Texas law and the 

    American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behaviors.

    College & Career Readiness     

    Bullying Prevention Education     

    Character Education     

    Conflict Resolution     

    Heathy Relationships

    Goal Setting & Problem Solving

    Depression, Anxiety, & Suicide Prevention Education (Secondary Students Only)

    For more information, click here to access the
    counselor's webpage or email melissa.dreher@allenisd.org.
Last Modified on September 18, 2020