• Viking Focus




    What is Viking Focus?

    Viking Focus is the name given to the intervention/enrichment block in grades K-6.  It is a time set aside during the school day to provide support for students and their individual needs.  All students are supported in one way or another during Viking Focus ... either with their individual intervention plans, with reteaching of objectives, or with enrichment. 


    How are students' needs determined?

    Data from previous year's STAAR, district benchmarks, periodic state/local assessments, subject area grades, and teacher observation are used to determine what strengths and/or weaknesses need to be supported during Viking Focus.  Classroom teachers meet as a grade level with Campus Administration, the Campus Intervention Specialist, and the Student Success Initiative teacher to determine the structure for meeting those needs.  Data is continuously collected and reviewed to determine what changes need to be made.


    Who teaches Viking Focus?

    All K-6 classroom teachers and all support program teachers, along with their instructional aides, teach students during Focus time. 


    How often do students have Viking Focus?

    Viking Focus is scheduled for grades K-6 Monday through Thursday for intervention or enrichment. The amount of time varies per grade level.  The shortest block of time is 30 minutes and the longest block of time is 60 minutes. 


Last Modified on September 4, 2018