• In the AIM classroom, students are constantly creating and developing new and interesting products. With seven grade levels, we find ourselves running out of consumable items often, and would appreciate any donations you may be able to contribute. We are grateful for all that you do for your child and our program!  
    Here is our AIM wish list:
    Package of color felt tip and/or ball point pens ….variety of colors

    Fine tip Sharpies ….variety of colors

    Double Sided Tape

    Craft Items (fake jewels, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, glitter, feathers, etc)

         Paper Plates

         Dixie Cups

         Duck Tape (any decorative patterns)

         Address/Mailing Labels

         Coffee Filters

         Cotton Balls

          Play Doh

          Library pocket

          Clear package tape

          Model Magic


          Scrapbook paper


          Plastic Spoons