• Tips for Homework             homework


    Homework can be less of a chore for parents if they establish and implement a few simple rules.  Tips include:

    ¨    Have a regular homework time.

    ¨    Provide a quiet, well-lit area with no distractions.

    ¨    Determine if your child works better alone or with a parent nearby and provide that space.

    ¨    Be consistent about no TV, phone calls, or other distractions until homework is finished.

    ¨    Provide incentives for task completion if your child is a dawdler. (eg. “If you finish your homework by 7:00, you may watch an hour of television.”)

    ¨    If your child has a history of not completing class or homework assignments, work out a communication system with the teacher to ensure you are aware of what is expected each night.

    ¨    Provide breaks for long homework assignments.

    ¨    Break down assignments into manageable chunks as needed.

    ¨    Praise your student for gains, effort, and/or success in completing homework.


    Children who are fairly self-disciplined may not need much parental monitoring, while others may need prodding and checking after completion.  Remember to communicate with teachers … they are on your team!


    Adapted from ‘Talking with Your Kids about School Problems’ by Lisa O. Engelhardt

Last Modified on September 4, 2018