In-Person Learning

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    Students attend school on a regular instructional schedule and engage in face-to-face learning on campus during school hours. Elementary students are assigned to grade-level classes taught by teachers at their home campus. Secondary students in grades 7-12 follow their class schedules by transitioning to different classrooms for course instruction.  

    Classroom instruction will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area.  

    The following are characteristics of In-Person Learning:

    • Available for students in Prekindergarten through Grade 12
    • Student participation required 5 full days per week
    • Implementation of preventive safety measures
    • Instruction provided by Allen ISD teachers
    • Instruction in core content and elective areas
    • District curriculum, unit sequencing and pacing of instruction
    • Social-emotional support
    • Accommodations and support services provided

    COVID-19 Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Procedures Graphic

    Allen ISD's COVID-19 Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Procedures document 

    The following questions and answers below should provide more detail about the In-Person Learning experience.

In-Person Learning FAQ

  • When can I change my student's educational setting?

  • If I choose In-Person Learning, how will dyslexia therapy (DT) services be provided?

  • How will social distancing be encouraged in hallways?

  • How will Allen ISD comply with the Governor's mask mandate?

  • What measures will be in place to ensure a safe environment?

  • Will health and safety training be provided for all staff and students?

  • How many students will be assigned to each classroom?

  • Will cafeterias be open and will school lunches be served?

  • Will bus transportation be provided for qualified students?

  • How will seating arrangements be determined on school buses?

  • How will social distancing be promoted in cafeterias, gyms, restrooms, and other commons areas?

  • What precautions will be in place for athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities?

  • My child is enrolled in dual credit classes for Fall 2020. What should I know as a parent/student?

  • Will students have recess or the ability to play and socialize with other students?

  • Will students in grades 7-12 be able to participate in extracurricular activities such as clubs and organization meetings?

  • What happens if a student or a teacher tests positive for COVID-19? Will the entire classroom have to quarantine? What if multiple classrooms and students/staff are impacted? Will students be able to participate in At-Home Learning during the quarantine?

  • What happens if my child’s campus is temporarily closed during the school year?

  • What online learning management system will be used to support elementary students?

  • What online learning management system will be used to support secondary students?

  • Will computer devices be made available to students who need them?

  • How will teachers address any potential learning needs from the school closure last spring?

  • How will student progress be reported?

  • Will STAAR/EOC be administered in 2020-2021?

  • Can students change their commitment from In-Person Learning to At-Home Learning after the start of the school year?

  • How do parents commit to an instructional model of choice for their child?

  • Will Kids Club after-school services be offered?

Last Modified on November 13, 2020