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    SOAR 2030 is a community strategic planning process that will provide a foundation for educational decisions in AllenISD over the next ten years.

    The SOAR 2030 process builds upon the Allen High School graduate profile that was created during the last community strategic planning process in 2012. Community members at that time identified what skills our graduates should possess.  They identified four goals stating that AHS graduates would be effective problem solvers, responsible and engaged citizens, academically prepared for future pursuits and effective communicators.

    The SOAR 2030 Committee is comprised of approximately 200 parents, staff members, students and community members. Using an inclusive process, committee members have been charged with ensuring  Allen ISD is preparing its graduate for life. Working within smaller committees, participants will focus on how students learn, what we teach and what skills our students will need beyond graduation.


    Allen High School Graduates Will Be:

    Students study at UIL competition

    Academically prepared for future pursuits

    Students cooperate on STEAM Center project

    Effective problem solvers

    AHS students meet with Board members

    Effective communicators

     Marine JROTC Honor Guard

    Responsible and engaged citizens