Career and Technical Education

    Dr. Daniel Soliz, Director of Student Services & CCMR


    Allen ISD’s Career and Technical Education Program serves students in grades 7-12. Students have the opportunity to enroll in CTE courses located at all three of the district’s middle school campuses, Lowery Freshmen Center, and Allen High School. Some of the CTE courses offered at the middle school campuses count as one high school credit. Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, the Allen ISD STEAM Center will house courses from the following programs of study: architectural design, computer science, electrical technology, engineering, graphic design, interior design, and robotics. The CTE Department is proud to also support and house programs not officially recognized by TEA as CTE programs such as JROTC and Journalism. Allen ISD offers courses in 14 of the 16 national career clusters.

    Industry Certifications

    Allen ISD provides numerous opportunities to earn federally and locally recognized industry certifications. Each career pathway provides Allen High School students the opportunity to earn an industry-aligned certification to maximize our student’s employability after high school. Each school year, the CTE program will evaluate each career pathway’s student achievement and make adjustments according to industry demands. The advisory committee will assist with the evaluation and recommendations of industry certification offerings.

    Partnerships & Advisory Board

    Allen ISD is committed to connecting our CTE programs and students with local businesses. CTE staff actively reaches out to community members and businesses to offer paid and unpaid internship opportunities for our students. Allen ISD values partnerships and ensures mutual benefits for our students and partners by visiting managers and owners at their place of business and collecting input on their needs. The input collected will be used to increase relevancy and rigor in CTE programs.

    A CTE Advisory Committee will be created each school year. The advisory committee offers input on industry growth, trends regarding the job market, and ensures that the learning in CTE classes is aligned with current industry standards. The advisory committee assists Allen ISD in ensuring equal and equitable access to career and technical education programming.