• Creating a 4 Year Plan

    You will need the Academic Planning Guide and 4 Year Plan Template (you can make a copy if you have not already done so) as you watch the videos below to help you create your plan. 

    Make sure to fill out your template as you make decisions.  

    1. Watch the Intro to High School Planning video. High School Planning (slides presentation)

    Next up: Completing your 4x4 Core Classes

    2. Watch the video discussing the core classes and various levels that you can take. Levels of Courses (slides presentation). 

    Next up: Picking your Pathway and Endorsement

    3. Watch the video explaining how to find your pathway and endorsement. Finding your Pathway (slides presentation)

    Endorsement Resource Board:These slides include videos that relate to each pathway offered at the high school. This is very helpful if you feel like you have no idea what you want to do or what a pathway is about. It also shows you what classes you would be taking in high school related to that pathway.

    Next up: Fitting in everything else

    4. Watch the video to learn about your options for LOTE, PE, Fine Arts, and any other electives you might be interested in. Required Electives (slides presentation)


    Your 4-year plan should now be complete. Remember, it's not permanent and it can change. If you get stuck and not sure how to fit a class in, reach out to your Curtis counselor.