• Creating a 4 Year Plan

    You will need the Academic Planning Guide and 4 Year Plan Template (you can make a copy if you have not already done so) as you watch the videos below to help you create your plan. 


    1. Watch the 4 year plan guide video. This will help you understnad what a 4 year plan is. What's a 4 Year Plan?

     Guiding question: What classes are you interested in taking in high school? Make sure to think about application classes and sports. 


    2. Watch the video discussing graduation requirements and credits. You have to understand where you are going, to know how to get there. Graduation Requirements

     Guiding question: What classes would you like to take to fulfill your graduation requirements for Fine Arts, PE, and LOTE? The academic planning guide is a great source to learn about all the classes offered. 


    3. Learn about endorsements. There are so many ways to earn an endorsement, this video will help you understand the possibilites. What's an Endorsement?

    Endorsement Pathway Charts

    Guiding question: What endorsement and pathway would you choose? If you aren't sure login to your Naviance to see what career clusters you have put a heart on to help guide you. 


    4. How to fill out your template. 4 Year Plan Template Instructions

     Guiding question: What levels would you like to take for your core classes?


    You are now ready to fill out your 4 year plan template. Remember, it's not permanent and it can change. If you get stuck and not sure how to fit a class in, reach out to your counselor.