• Algebra I Advanced Criteria 2021-2022 School year

    (applies to incoming 8th graders)


     All current Math 7 PreAP/IB students who complete the course will be eligible for Algebra I Advanced for the 2021-2022 school year.

    All current Math 7 students will be evaluated for qualification for Math 8 boot camp during the summer of 2021.  Students who qualify for Math 8 boot camp have the opportunity to attend the boot camp and potentially test to earn Credit by Examination (CBE) for Math 8.  If students qualify for boot camp and are successful on the CBE, they may enroll in Algebra I for their 8th grade year.  Parents do not need to make a request or submit additional data.  The district will assess all Math 7 students to identify those who meet qualification criteria for participation in Math 8 boot camp.  Parents of students who qualify for participation in Math 8 boot camp will be notified in late spring.  To qualify, students must typically meet two of the three followoing criteria:

    • score at the masters level on 6th grade math simulation (2019-2020 school year, pre-COVID)
    • grade of 90% or higher in the first semester of Math 7
    • score at the masters level on the 7th grade math MAP middle of year (MOY) STAAR Projection


    Please visit the Advanced Academics Webpage for more information: Advanced Academics