Grades 1 - 3


    Kids will learn about different animals and look at where they live! We will visit different parts of the world to discover new facts about animals and experiment with our newfound knowledge with different science experiments! Caraway/Buchetto

    409.  June 26-30


    Spend a week exploring the lives, habitats, and conservation of animals around the world! We will have exciting hands-on activities, lessons, craft projects, and science experiments! Williams/

    309. June 19-23


    Crafts 'n Creations is for the kiddos who love all-things crafting! We will be painting self portraits, creating with clay, tie-dyeing, face painting, and MORE! Who's ready for a week full of color, crafting, and endless creativity?  Jones/Geissel

    210. June 12-16


    Have fun and be creative as we craft together. We will use a variety of materials to make our one-of-kind creations. Tie dye, sand art, paint, pool noodle boats, beads and so much more. Come along and explore your creative side with us this summer.  Chukwuma/Thomas

    311. June 19-23


    We will spark your imagination into the world of cooking by making crazy recipes that will make your taste buds jump for joy!  B. Craig/Thomas

    509. July 5-7 (short week)


    Do you enjoy drawing, coloring, and doing crafts? Join us for a week of themed days that will include Hawaiian Day, Princess Day, Slumber Party Day and more! We will learn how to draw characters or items that go along with the theme of the day. We will also create fun crafts such as bracelets, sand art, and so much more!  An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Stewart/Thurman

    109. June 5-9


    Do you love to have fun and compete against others? Then come join us for… Games Galore! We will spend the week playing various games - inside and outside - that challenge our minds and bodies! Students are also encouraged to bring their favorite games to share with others. It will be a fabulous week of friendship and fun! Baird/Gotses

    609. July 10-14


    Create your favorite viral hacks…in neon! We will be creating games, movie night hacks, art and outdoor play hacks and making them neon and glow in the dark!  An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Hodges/Arrington

    211. June 12-16


    "I want to be a Disney Character" camp where we observe Marvel characters and Disney Princesses and create things about them such as writing, crafts, readers theater and have discussions.  Rinaldi/Jones

    711.  July 17-21


    Lego Mania- Can’t find Legos on the shelf??? We have enough for everyone!!! Let’s get creative with different challenges, games, and secret codes all with Legos. Engelbert/Barnes

    108. June 5-9


    Calling all Lego Masters! Are you up for a week of Lego fun? Each day we will have fun challenges, crazy twists, and activities that will inspire the Master builder in everyone! Ritter/Clark

    110. June 5-9


    Let's go camping! Kids will go on a “camping trip” this week and will participate in camping themed activities, such as fishing, building a “campfire”, and making pet rocks!  Alvarez/Clark

    411.  June 26-30


    Makerspace can be a powerful and fun place to explore and tinker with the world around us. Join us as we pull out various tools, coding equipment, games and materials and spend the week building, tinkering, learning and having fun.  Rohlmeier/Rios

    310.  June 19-23


    Is it food or is it art? Who says you can't play with your food...cookies, cupcakes, pastries and more! Grab your chef's hat and join us in the kitchen where we will create beautiful culinary masterpieces that look (almost) too good to eat. We will learn how to measure ingredients, pipe icing, mold chocolates, and bake recipes from scratch. Your camper will tap into their inner artist as they create fun animal-shaped snacks from some of their favorite foods.  An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Corley/Lalani

    709.  July 17-21


    Let's ROCK! Kids will dance, sing, and play musical games during a week where they feel like a rock star!  Buchetto/Gehrke

    710.  July 17-21


    Join us for STEAM Mania where we will have a new themed STEAM challenge each day! From a glow-in-the-dark STEAM day to an all-things sports day, we will dive into the engineering design process with fun and exciting STEAM challenges! We will design and build roller coasters, foosball tables, basketball goals, a zoo, and MORE! Jones/Geissel

    111. June 5-9


    Reading is fun! Kids will spend the week reading books, doing crafts, and activities. Each day will be themed around the book of the day.  Buchetto/Roush

    510.  July 5-7 (short week)


    Students will challenge their brain by using their skills to overcome obstacles, work together and solve problems.  Rinaldi/Jones

    511.  July 5-7 (short week)


    Have a little that loves Hot Wheels, this is the camp for them! We will spend the week building tracks, ramps, edible cars, and exploring the NEED FOR SPEED!  Williams/

    209. June 12-16


    Join the wizarding world. Get sorted into one of the 4 houses at school. Learn how to play Quidditch, go to Ollivanders wand shop, eat exciting foods and so much more throughout our week of wonder.                      N. Craig/B. Craig

    410.  June 26-30




Community Education Summer Camps 2023

  • Allen ISD offers a variety of camps for children ages 36 months through 7th grade. Your child’s camp day will include an assortment of fun, engaging activities as well as outside recess. Summer camps will be conducted by Allen ISD staff.

    There is at least one cooking camp each week where the campers get to eat their projects. Please keep this in mind, especially if your child has food allergies. Please advise all camp teachers of any allergies. School nurses are not on campus during summer camp.

    LOCATIONS: Camp locations will alternate between Kerr Elementary, 1325 Glendover Dr. and Vaughan Elementary, 820 Cottonwood Dr.

    TIMES: Camp hours are 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    DROP OFF/PICK UP: This year, camper drop off will be curbside; in the afternoon, parents will come inside to pickup campers.

    LUNCH: Your child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. Each Friday, pizza, popsicles and a drink will be provided for lunch. 

  • Choosing a Camp

    When choosing a camp for your preschooler, look for camps based on the child’s age at the time of the camp. Campers must be potty trained, and a change of clothes will be necessary for children ages 36 months to 5 years. Camps for preschoolers include a 15-minute quiet time. For elementary grade campers, choose a camp for the grade just completed. You do not have to be a resident of Allen or a student in Allen ISD to attend our camps.

Camp locations and dates