Grades 2 - 4


    Calling all bakers and chefs! Let's learn about baking and create some delicious summer themed treats! Will YOU Be the next Master Chef Jr.? An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Simmons-Burr/Simmons

    212. June 12-16


    Junior chefs mix, bake, design, and create cupcakes while mastering the essential tools needed to produce one of a kind cupcakes! This Cupcake Wars Camp teaches students the art of making delicious, unique cupcakes, and decorating them. Each day campers will put their skills to the test by creating cupcakes, decorating them, and designing displays to compete for the title of Cupcake Wars Champion. Come join us in our baking fun! ** This camp uses dairy; gluten; and eggs. Camps may use products that were processed in a facility that may also process nuts. An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Waites/Burr

    313. June 19-23


    Tired of playing the same old video games? Want to learn some vintage card games, Checkers, and Dominos? Get ready to learn some golden oldies and some new twists to these popular classic games! Simmons-Burr/Simmons

    512. July 5-7 (short week)


    Have you ever seen something, and thought to yourself…I could TOTALLY make that? Your child will have a new project each day to bring home, and it will be sure to dazzle their DIY hearts out!  An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. White/Pecina

    413. June 26-30



    Cutting and gluing and painting, oh my! Campers will be given a variety of supplies and they will get to add their own spin to the different crafts we will do. They can express their creativity through drawing, clay, jewelry making, painting, and more!  An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Rodriguez/Kuykendall

    613.  July 10-14


    Do you enjoy drawing, coloring, and doing crafts? Join us for a week of themed days that will include Beach Day and more! We will draw fun characters, color together and create cool crafts such as bracelets, sand art, and so much more!  Stewart/Lubow

    312. June 19-23


    We will learn the basic concepts and vocabulary for computer coding through engaging activities. Kids will use a variety of coding robots, games, computer programs, and books to learn the basics of coding. Kids will have fun solving problems and navigating robots through different courses while learning new skills.  Rios/Rinaldi

    612.  July 10-14


    Come learn how to prepare different snacks and add your own creative twist to a new creation! No oven required for these treats, just your imagination. Campers will create candy mosaics and other fun food!  An additional $8 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Rodriguez/Kuykendall

    513. July 5-7 (short week)


    Can’t find Legos on the shelf??? We have enough for everyone!!! Let’s get creative with different challenges, games, and secret codes all with Legos!! Engelbert/Barnes

    314. June 19-23



    Who doesn't love a good party game? Join us for a week of playing all kinds of party games from card games, like Uno, to board games and other physical games. We will go over the basics of each game and spend time playing the games. Campers will have a ton of fun while also meeting and interacting with other students from around the area!  Rohlmeier/Rios

    412.  June 26-30


    Funny books, scary books, mystery books, oh my! How would you like to spend a week getting to read all your favorite books, listening to cool authors read books, and even better- CREATE your own book?! That's right- you get to be the reader, author and illustrator when you join Camp Read A Lot. Here's your chance to branch out and read new books you'd never thought to pick up or read your favorite classics along with becoming a book creator all in a weeks’ time.  Walker/Bogir

    112. June 5-9


    Calling all secret agents! Come join us for a week of fun and learning. We will analyze fingerprints, decode secret codes, and even create disguises!  Caraway/Alvarez

    113.  June 5-9


    We will read a variety of children's picture books and then create our own art inspired by the picture book art. We will learn about the illustrators and how they created the illustrations. We will use a wide range of illustration techniques including collage, painting, sketching, oil pastels, and more to create our own art! Rios/Rinaldi

    213.  June 12-16



Community Education Summer Camps 2023

  • Allen ISD offers a variety of camps for children ages 36 months through 7th grade. Your child’s camp day will include an assortment of fun, engaging activities as well as outside recess. Summer camps will be conducted by Allen ISD staff.

    There is at least one cooking camp each week where the campers get to eat their projects. Please keep this in mind, especially if your child has food allergies. Please advise all camp teachers of any allergies. School nurses are not on campus during summer camp.

    LOCATIONS: Camp locations will alternate between Kerr Elementary, 1325 Glendover Dr. and Vaughan Elementary, 820 Cottonwood Dr.

    TIMES: Camp hours are 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    DROP OFF/PICK UP: This year, camper drop off will be curbside; in the afternoon, parents will come inside to pickup campers.

    LUNCH: Your child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. Each Friday, pizza, popsicles and a drink will be provided for lunch. 

  • Choosing a Camp

    When choosing a camp for your preschooler, look for camps based on the child’s age at the time of the camp. Campers must be potty trained, and a change of clothes will be necessary for children ages 36 months to 5 years. Camps for preschoolers include a 15-minute quiet time. For elementary grade campers, choose a camp for the grade just completed. You do not have to be a resident of Allen or a student in Allen ISD to attend our camps.

Camp locations and dates