Grades 3 - 6


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    This class is all about cupcakes - vanilla, chocolate, confetti and more!! In each class we will whip up a new cupcake and icing recipe, and campers will learn fun and easy decorating techniques. Chefs will put their skills to the test by creating cupcakes, decorations and displays to compete each day for the title of Cupcake Wars Champion. Yum! It's the tastiest class this summer!  **This class uses dairy, eggs and gluten. Camps may use products that were processed in a facility that may also process nuts.  An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Waites/Thomasco

    1. June 13-17


    Do you enjoy a great challenge? Come join us for a week of unexpected challenges that will have you on your tip toes all week long. Can you win the challenge, or will you be left behind? If you are creative, like to build, and solve problems, you will not need to look any further. Raecher/Chen

    1. June 13-17


    Do you LOVE chocolate?! Do you CRAVE chocolate?! Do you think cookies, candies, brownies, pastries, and cupcakes are great foods to enjoy? Join us as we experience chocolate through baking, tasting, and creating yumminess through the week. Don’t miss out on our chocolate adventure! It's sure to be a delicious time! *This camp uses nuts and gluten. An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Waites/Thomasco

    1. June 27-July 1


    Do you love Harry Potter and spending time in the kitchen? During this class, we will work together to make a variety of Harry Potter themed recipes come to life such as chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, pretzel wands, and more! The week will be full of treats and other magical Harry Potter themed activities. An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Blake/Hays

    1. July 5-8

     714. July 11-15


    This week is all about designing and building! Each day will feature a new engineering design challenge. Kids will also create their own game through the engineering design process! Caraway/Dickerson

    1. July 11-15


    Campers will have the opportunity to express themselves using different types of modern craft materials and a variety of mediums. Each day campers will explore a type of art media with multiple projects. We’ll have days for painting, stained glass, air dry clay projects, and yarn art! Each day campers will take home a new project to frame! Robinson/Chukwuma

    1. May 31-June 3


    Card Games, Board Games, Ball Games, oh my! Join this fun packed week of all the games you can imagine. From Uno to Freeze Tag, Clue to Ticket to Ride, Among Us to Kick Ball, and more, this camp will have all of those favorites we never have time to play. Sign up for Games, Games, Games! camp to have a game filled week of fun for all ages. Walker/Ciambella

    1. May 31-June 3


    Join us as we travel around the world glowing all the way! We will travel to glowing places while creating art and doing experiments. If you loved Mad Science: Glow Edition or Neon Crazy camp, then this is the one for you! An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Hodges/Arrington

    1. June 13-17


    Campers will create characters and bring stories to life. They will participate in acting and theatre games, pantomime, and improvisation. Campers will be encouraged to image and express themselves creatively. Together, students will plan, practice, and work together to create a performance. Flynn

    1. June 20-24


    Do you like to play board games, but have no one to play with??? Well, not anymore!!! We have tons of fun playing Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Cribbage, and so many more. Join us for a week of games for everyone.  Engelbert/Barnes

    1. July 11-15


    Throughout this camp, students will get a chance to not only learn about important science concepts, but they will get to experience it through STEM projects and experiments. This camp will allow students more time to explore a hands-on concept and to dig deeper into the world of science! Branscom/Pierot

    1. July 5-8


    Take on each day with a new coding challenge as students learn the basics of coding with a variety of different devices and tools. Campers will explore and play with things like Ozobots, Dash Robots, Scratch and others. This is a perfect camp for any student who has been interested in coding and is starting fresh in this coding world! Rohlmeier

    1. May 31-June 3


    Explore science the Mythbuster’s way! These hands-on experiments let you put myths to the test. Get ready to activate your curiosity and immerse yourself in engaging experiments. It’s time to bust some myths! Raecher/Chen

    1. June 20-24


    In painting with a twist your young artists will paint different works of art based on pieces by history’s most talented painters. Learn all about pop art with Andy Warhol, abstract painting by Piet Mondrain, and the beautiful works of Van Gogh. Artists will also get to learn how to make their own watercolor paint. Come join us for a fun week of color and history. An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Eshelman/Litolff

    1. July 5-8

     P.E. ROCKS!

    Do you love playing games? Come join us while we play some of our favorite PE games. This camp is a high energy camp. Let's have some fun and get sweaty! Tucker/Sanford

    1. June 6-10


    If you like to play ping pong and do trick shots, then this camp is for you! Join us as we learn the rules of the game, play friendly games of ping pong, and spin the wheel of trick shots. Gotses/Plate

    1. June 6-10

     515. June 27-July 1


    Join us for a week filled with everything pinterest! We will be painting, creating, making pinatas and having fun! Everyday will be a new adventure! Trevino

    1. June 20-24


    Are you ready to challenge your mind? This camp will be full of ways to engage in a variety of activities such as physical puzzles, word puzzles, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and more! Students will work together to crack codes and grow in their problem-solving skills while also having loads of fun! An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Blake/Hays

    1. July 18-22


    Come join us for a week full of groovy crafts and fun. Students will create fun crafts inspired by the far out vibes of the 60' and 70's. Record bowls, wall art, tambourines, and lava lamps, is just a taste of the hippy dippy excitement in store. Eshelman/Litolff

    1. July 18-22


    If you love all-things video games and technology then STEAM for Gamers is for you! We will design a pinball machine with functioning parts, code & design a video game with obstacles, and construct a functioning foosball table! Jones/Jones

    1. June 6-10


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Avoid the summer heat and play a fierce indoor sport called Ultimate Dodgeball!  You will get to play in a tournament, play different types of dodgeball games and win prizes at the end of the week.  This camp is not for the meek and mild, so practice being quick and agile and be ready for some fun throwing foamy balls!  Come join us for Ultimate Dodgeball this summer!!! Chapman/Wheeler

    1. June 27-July 1


    Campers are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football and many more while also enjoying some favorite recreational games like dodgeball, capture the flag, and kickball. If you are into SPORTS, this is the camp for you! Sanford/Aldridge

    1. July 18-22



Community Education Summer Camps 2022

  • Allen ISD offers a variety of camps for children ages 36 months through 7th grade. Your child’s camp day will include an assortment of fun, engaging activities as well as outside recess. Summer camps will be conducted by Allen ISD staff.

    There is at least one cooking camp each week where the campers get to eat their projects. Please keep this in mind, especially if your child has food allergies. Please advise all camp teachers of any allergies. School nurses are not on campus during summer camp.

    LOCATIONS: Camp locations will alternate between Evans Elementary, 1225 Walnut Spring Dr., and Olson Elementary, 1751 East Exchange Parkway.

    TIMES: Camp hours are 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    DROP OFF/PICK UP: This year, camper drop off will be curbside; we will update pick up information as we get closer to the start of camp.

    LUNCH: Your child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. Each Friday, pizza, popsicles and a drink will be provided for lunch. 

    COST: The fee for most camps is only $125 per camp/per student. The weeks of May 31-June 3 and July 5-8 are four-day camps and the tuition for those weeks will be $100. Some camps have an additional supply fee, and this is noted in the individual camp descriptions.  

    REGISTER: Online registration begins April 19, 2022, at 6:30 am. Phone registration will begin on April 20, 2022. Please make sure you have an Eleyo account prior to calling to register. If you don’t, please create one.  If you have questions, you also can call 972-727-0502 or email

    HOW TO REGISTER: Registration directions are online,  visit In 2020, Allen ISD Community Education moved to a new registration platform called Eleyo.  If you attended camp last summer, the Father-Daughter Ball, the Mother-Son Dance or are in Kids Club this school year (or last year), you should already have an Eleyo account so you won’t need to create a new one.

    Starting April 11 (until April 18) you can either create an account in Eleyo or log into your existing account and update your information following the link above.  Add each of your campers to the free “Community Education Summer Camp Account Creation or Update” Course, so that you can complete the camp questionnaire for each child prior to the April 19th  registration date. This will save time during registration.

    REFUNDS: Refunds will be granted, less a $25 per camp spot administrative fee, when requested by noon five working days prior to the start of camp. Cancellation dates can be found on the schedule grid linked below and are also listed at the bottom of this web page. Camp tuition may instead be transferred to a later week of camp if you register for the same camper and if there are any availabilites. No exceptions.

  • Choosing a Camp

    When choosing a camp for your preschooler, look for camps based on the child’s age at the time of the camp. Campers must be potty trained, and a change of clothes will be necessary for children ages 36 months to 5 years. Camps for preschoolers include a 15-minute quiet time. For elementary grade campers, choose a camp for the grade just completed. You do not have to be a resident of Allen or a student in Allen ISD to attend our camps.

Camp locations and dates