Grades 4 - 7


    Are you athletic and want to be in the Olympics? This is your chance to be an Allen Eagle Olympian. During this camp, Coach Platten and Coach Heath will help you train to become the best Olympian. We will be competing in all sorts of sports, such as Track and Field (aka Athletics), Archery, Basketball, Fencing (pool noodles of course). Pickleball, 2 square competition, Kayaking (Scooter board), Soccer, Tennis, Football, Lacrosse and even Bowling! The list keeps going on and on.
    “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”  Platten/Heath
    717.  July 17-21


    What’s not to love – super cool challenges performed all over the “world” while learning about other cultures and competing for prizes! Teams will race to find the clues that will give them the instructions to complete each leg of the race. Clues can either be: “Route Info” where teams will need to follow the instructions on the card to receive the next clue, “Detours” where teams are given a choice of two activities to complete as a team in order to receive the next clue, or “Road Blocks” where only one team member must complete the task in order to move ahead. Are you ready for your first clue?” If you answered yes, come join our summer camp!  An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp.

    817. July 10-14


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Do you have what it takes to make a balloon rocket car to race against new friends? Design a marble maze to take home and challenge your family to get through, make your own shoebox foosball game to play at home, construct a catapult with popsicle sticks, and more. All you need to bring is a shoe box, and creative thinking. Engelbert/Barnes

    219. June 12-16


    Parlez-vous français? Si non…. come join us for a fun-filled adventure each day. Let’s explore the French language and culture together through stories, music, food, conversations, games and more. Merci et au revoir! An additional $3 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Tessier/Lokey

    517.  July 5-7 (short week)


    Improv is making up a scene or story without a script or planning. Camp Improv is a fun-filled week full of theater games and creativity. Campers will create scenes and characters from their imagination. Improvisation builds skills of interpretation and storytelling. Campers will play games to understand parts of the stage, the steps of storytelling, theater rules and cooperation.  Flynn

    417.  June 26-30


    Do you love watching tik toks and Youtube videos about DIY school supplies? This camp is for you! Join me as we are inspired by viral videos. We will be customizing notebooks, sewing and using hot glue guns, so get ready!  An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Hodges

    518.  July 5-7


    Create DIY School supplies with a neon twist! Have you every watched all the fun videos with cool school supplies that you can make yourself? We will get out our glue guns and paint to create some glow in the dark neon supplies!  An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Hodges/Arrington

    118.  June 5-9


    Do you like to play board games, but have no one to play with??? Well not anymore!!! We have tons of fun playing Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Farkle dice game, Cribbage, Do-Nut, Go-Nut, and so many more. Join us for a week of games for everyone. Weather permitting, we have outdoor games too!!!

    619. July 10-14


    If you like to play ping pong, dice stack, bottle flip, solve rubik's cubes-then this camp is for you! Join us as we have fun learning many different challenges. Gotses/Lozada

    317. June 19-23


    Calling all Pokémon hunters!
    We will spend a week doing all the Pokémon things! We’ll go Pokémon hunting throughout campus, create art using a number of art materials including clay, painting and pencil drafting. And we’ll end our week with a Pokémon Master Diploma!  Nguyen/Kreska

    318. June 19-23


    Recommended for 5-7 graders only. Spend a week learning the lost craft of sewing. We will learn to cross stitch a pattern, sew a personalized drawstring backpack, make a potholder, and a neck wrap to keep you cool even in this Texas heat. We will keep you in stitches all week long. Parents need to provide 2 yards of cotton fabric of your child’s choice on the first day of camp - one yard with a pattern, one yard a solid color. Engelbert/Barnes

    419. June 26-30


    Come learn the Copper Foil Method of Stained-Glass Art. Students will pick a frame and a pattern, cut glass, grind edges, wrap with copper foil and solder the 8x10 picture. It will take the entire week to complete the art project but each year the students are delighted with their results. Note: Students must have completed 4th grade or above to be in this camp. Please plan to attend all 5 days of camp to ensure completion of your project. An additional $25 supply fee is charged with this camp to cover the cost of a frame, glass, lead solder and other supplies. I have a book with 30+ projects but if your child has a specific request, please email me two weeks before camp starts so I can get the design ready. My email is

    117. June 5-9

    218. June 12-16


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Avoid the summer heat and play a fierce indoor sport called Ultimate Dodgeball! You will get to play in a tournament, play different types of dodgeball games and win prizes at the end of the week. This camp is not for the meek and mild, so practice being quick and agile and be ready for some fun throwing foamy balls! Come join us for Ultimate Dodgeball this summer!!!

    217. June 12-16 Chapman/Roach/Sanford

    418. June 26-30 Chapman/Wheeler/Nguyen 


    Young Artists Camp will give kids a chance to explore their creative side using a variety of mediums, such as imaginative name drawings/paintings, watercolor silhouettes, Picasso-inspired painting, and molding animal sculptures. An additional $7 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Walker/Bogir

    617. July 10-14




Community Education Summer Camps 2023

  • Allen ISD offers a variety of camps for children ages 36 months through 7th grade. Your child’s camp day will include an assortment of fun, engaging activities as well as outside recess. Summer camps will be conducted by Allen ISD staff.

    There is at least one cooking camp each week where the campers get to eat their projects. Please keep this in mind, especially if your child has food allergies. Please advise all camp teachers of any allergies. School nurses are not on campus during summer camp.

    LOCATIONS: Camp locations will alternate between Kerr Elementary, 1325 Glendover Dr. and Vaughan Elementary, 820 Cottonwood Dr.

    TIMES: Camp hours are 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    DROP OFF/PICK UP: This year, camper drop off will be curbside; in the afternoon, parents will come inside to pickup campers.

    LUNCH: Your child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. Each Friday, pizza, popsicles and a drink will be provided for lunch. 

  • Choosing a Camp

    When choosing a camp for your preschooler, look for camps based on the child’s age at the time of the camp. Campers must be potty trained, and a change of clothes will be necessary for children ages 36 months to 5 years. Camps for preschoolers include a 15-minute quiet time. For elementary grade campers, choose a camp for the grade just completed. You do not have to be a resident of Allen or a student in Allen ISD to attend our camps.

Camp locations and dates