Grades 4 - 7


    Super cool challenges performed all over the “world” while learning some culture and competing for a prize. Sign us up! Teams will race to find the clues that will give them the instructions for that part of the race. Clues can either be: “Route Info” where teams will need to follow the instructions on the card to receive the next clue, “Detours” where teams are given a choice of two activities to complete together to receive the next clue, or “Road Blocks” where only one team member must complete the task to move ahead. Are you ready for your first clue?” If you answered yes, come join our summer camp! Hullum/Passanante

    1. July 18-22


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Do you have what it takes to make a balloon rocket car to race against new friends? Design a marble maze to take home and challenge your family to get through, make your own shoebox foosball game to play at home, construct a catapult with popsicle sticks, and more. All you need to bring is a shoe box, and creative thinking. Engelbert/Walker

    1. June 6-10


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    If you like cooking and challenges, this is the camp for you. This week will be full of surprises. Let’s see what your mind can create with your surprise baskets. Each day you will receive a new basket with secret ingredients. You better come up with something delicious, or the camp judges will chop you. An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp.  Raecher/Wood

    1. May 31-June 3


    If you loved the movie CoCo and Encanto and you love festive, colorful celebrations, this camp is for you! We will create colorful fiesta-themed/Dia de los Muertos art projects, including paper mache, giant sugar skulls, papel picado, and sugar skull sopapillas. The week will culminate in a Celebration that we create! An additional $5 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Hodges/Arrington

    1. July 11-15


    Students are about to learn the art of crochet. No experience is necessary, we will start at the beginning and help students at their level of need to learn how to crochet. Students who already know how to crochet are welcome to come too! The teachers are skilled at working with every ability level, and we will have everyone working to make awesome pieces. Koopman/Wheeler

    1. July 11-15


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Get ready for an exciting week of creative problem solving! Each day, students will solve a series of themed hands-on puzzles and problems to help them ESCAPE from their situation. Hands-on math, logic, and more! Come to camp and develop your critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills! But the question remains, will you solve the mystery? Platten/Heath

    1. June 13-17

     516. June 27-July 1


    Spend a week learning the lost craft of sewing. We will learn to cross stitch a pattern, sew a personalized drawstring backpack, make a potholder, and a neck wrap to keep you cool even in this Texas heat. We will keep you in stitches all week long. Parents need to provide 2 yards of cotton fabric of your child’s choice on the first day of camp - one yard with a pattern, one yard a solid color. Engelbert/Barnes

    1. July 18-22


    Have you ever wanted to melt metal and cut glass? Students will learn the copper foil method of stained glass art as they cut, grind, and create their own Stained Glass Project. Each project will be mounted in a frame for display. All supplies are provided. Parents are amazed each year with what their campers can create! Plan to attend all the days of camp to complete the project. The 4 day camp (July 5-8) will have easier projects to complete.  Each week of camp is limited to 10 students. An additional $20 supply fee will be charged for this camp. If your child has a specific design they want to complete, please email Susan Guest with their idea two weeks before camp starts:   Guest

    1. June 20-24

     517. June 27-July 1

     617. July 5-8


    Let's time travel! We will visit a different era each day and end by visiting the future! Kids will visit the Pre-Historic times, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Wild West! Caraway

    1. June 6-10


    For those who have completed Grades 3-7

    Avoid the summer heat and play a fierce indoor sport called Ultimate Dodgeball! You will get to play in a tournament, play different types of dodgeball games and win prizes at the end of the week. This camp is not for the meek and mild, so practice being quick and agile and be ready for some fun throwing foamy balls! Come join us for Ultimate Dodgeball this summer!!! Chapman/Wheeler

    1. June 20-24


    Campers will develop skills such as creative thinking, self-confidence, listening, brainstorming and team building. Yes, and...HAVE FUN exploring the unpredictability of improv. Campers will participate in acting and theatre games, storytelling and improv. Flynn

    1. June 13-17


    This 4-day camp is all about animals, real and imagined. Campers will mainly explore the art medium of paper mache and construct a creature of their own imagination. We will walk through the design, construction, painting and finishing process, and campers will take home their new paper mache pet at the end of the week! In between the various stages of paper mache, we will engage in different art activities and games. This camp is perfect for your young artist who doesn’t mind getting messy, who loves thinking outside the box and who looks forward to getting to know creative peers! An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Hicks/Walker

    1. July 5-8


    This 4-day camp will focus on one of the most important pieces of us: our name. Campers will explore many different art forms, from drawing and painting to sculpture with recyclables. Camp will culminate with the creation of a souvenir 20” wooden sign that campers will spend the four days designing, creating and finishing with several optional elements. In between the various stages of the sign creation, we will practice our art skills and learn about some of the most important artists in history. A little learning, a lot of creativity - this camp is perfect for your young artist who enjoys spending time doodling and creating. An additional $10 supply fee will be charged for this camp. Hicks/Price

    1. May 31-June 3



Community Education Summer Camps 2022

  • Allen ISD offers a variety of camps for children ages 36 months through 7th grade. Your child’s camp day will include an assortment of fun, engaging activities as well as outside recess. Summer camps will be conducted by Allen ISD staff.

    There is at least one cooking camp each week where the campers get to eat their projects. Please keep this in mind, especially if your child has food allergies. Please advise all camp teachers of any allergies. School nurses are not on campus during summer camp.

    LOCATIONS: Camp locations will alternate between Evans Elementary, 1225 Walnut Spring Dr., and Olson Elementary, 1751 East Exchange Parkway.

    TIMES: Camp hours are 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    DROP OFF/PICK UP: This year, camper drop off will be curbside; we will update pick up information as we get closer to the start of camp.

    LUNCH: Your child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink Monday through Thursday. Each Friday, pizza, popsicles and a drink will be provided for lunch. 

    COST: The fee for most camps is only $125 per camp/per student. The weeks of May 31-June 3 and July 5-8 are four-day camps and the tuition for those weeks will be $100. Some camps have an additional supply fee, and this is noted in the individual camp descriptions.  

    REGISTER: Online registration begins April 19, 2022, at 6:30 am. Phone registration will begin on April 20, 2022. Please make sure you have an Eleyo account prior to calling to register. If you don’t, please create one.  If you have questions, you also can call 972-727-0502 or email

    HOW TO REGISTER: Registration directions are online,  visit In 2020, Allen ISD Community Education moved to a new registration platform called Eleyo.  If you attended camp last summer, the Father-Daughter Ball, the Mother-Son Dance or are in Kids Club this school year (or last year), you should already have an Eleyo account so you won’t need to create a new one.

    Starting April 11 (until April 18) you can either create an account in Eleyo or log into your existing account and update your information following the link above.  Add each of your campers to the free “Community Education Summer Camp Account Creation or Update” Course, so that you can complete the camp questionnaire for each child prior to the April 19th  registration date. This will save time during registration.

    REFUNDS: Refunds will be granted, less a $25 per camp spot administrative fee, when requested by noon five working days prior to the start of camp. Cancellation dates can be found on the schedule grid linked below and are also listed at the bottom of this web page. Camp tuition may instead be transferred to a later week of camp if you register for the same camper and if there are any availabilites. No exceptions.

  • Choosing a Camp

    When choosing a camp for your preschooler, look for camps based on the child’s age at the time of the camp. Campers must be potty trained, and a change of clothes will be necessary for children ages 36 months to 5 years. Camps for preschoolers include a 15-minute quiet time. For elementary grade campers, choose a camp for the grade just completed. You do not have to be a resident of Allen or a student in Allen ISD to attend our camps.

Camp locations and dates