• 2020-2021 Educational Grant Awards

    Counseling Grants

    Boyd Elementary - Motivation Market (Trish Jarboe, Julie Georgas)

    Curtis Middle School - Mindfulness Matters (Nicole Bradrick-Files)

    Dillard Achievement Center - Clinic Supplies Grant (Michelle Patterson)

    Green Elementary - Path to Friendship (Julie Lindberg)

    Marion Elementary - Marion Kindness Club (Kelley Lawrence)

    Marion Elementary - Creating Kind Kids (Kim Leslie, Marci Dolton, Jennifer Pero, Meredith Martin)

    Rountree Elementary - Mindfulness Matters (Brittany Martinez, Sarah Saladini, Jenna Capps, Mary Carpenter)

    Story Elementary - Falcons Lead (Stacey Thomas, Kimberly Richardson)


    English as a Second Language Grants

    Curtis Middle School - ESL Technology (Celina Hilbrand)

    Lowery Freshman Center & Boyd Elementary - Sister School (Marie Matos, Maria Gonzales)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Lectura de Refuerzo - Reading for Enhancement (Alejandro Pantarotto)

    Lowery Freshman Center - Spanish Board Games (Carrie Zuber)

    Story Elementary - Empowering English Language Learners (Christie Barrick)


    English/Language Arts Grants

    Administration Building - Crack The Code (Melissa Kelly)

    Allen High School - Leaders are Readers! (Jennifer Clements, Corey Wallace, John Olchak, JD Walker)

    Anderson Elementary - Energizing Read Aloud Conversations (Maloree Tennison)

    Bolin Elementary - Bean Bag Refills (Roya Azimi)

    Bolin Elementary - Straighten Up! Problem-Based Learning in the Library (Julie McGary)

    Boyd Elementary - "A Novel Idea" Book Club (Rebecca Cothron)

    Boyd Elementary - Blackhawk Vocabulary Building! (Rebecca Cothron, Melinda McClelland, Latrice Sherrell, Lizabeth Solcher, Lizette Larios)

    Boyd Elementary - Hot Dots and Accessories (Patricia Dobson)

    Boyd Elementary - The Power of Listening (Michelle Oeltjen)

    Boyd Elementary - Motivating Readers with Graphic Novels (Michelle Oeltjen)

    Cheatham Elementary - Building Literacy Skills Using Graphic Novels (Megan Gibbon, Amy Gamble)

    Curtis Middle School - ALLen READS (Brenda Kay Hawkins)

    Curtis Middle School - From Nonfiction to Poetry and Memoir -- an extension of ALLen Reads! (Brenda Kay Hawkins, Morgan LeFevre (Ford MS), Laura Mason (Ereckson MS)

    Curtis Middle School - Visual Exploration for English Language Arts (Julie Rahn)

    Ereckson Middle School - A Novel Idea: Using Graphic Novels to Support Readers in Middle School (Laura Crawford, Hallie Winters, Ann Reynolds, Sarah Bell, Joseph Drake, Stacey Schuble)

    Evans & Boon Elementary - Unlocking engagement by breaking out! (Jessie Rohlmeier, Teri Stepanic (Boon)

    Evans Elementary - Large and in Charge (Jessie Rohlmeier)

    Ford Middle School - FMS Book Club (Sheila Bracken)

    Green Elementary - Reading and So Fourth: Nonfiction Book Clubs (Megan Patterson, Laura Green)

    Green Elementary - Let's Talk About It! Oral Language Kits (Kendel Srader)

    Kerr Elementary - Building a Culturally Diverse Reading Life (Allison Malcolm)

    Lindsey Elementary - Space Matters for Reading (Lori Kearney, Megan McCain, Ashley Bechtold, Liz Shaw, Akiya Garrity,   Becky White)

    Lindsey Elementary - Reading Reaction with Scope (Jennifer Smith, Particia Johnson)

    Lindsey Elementary - Diving into Reading with Literature Circles (Jennifer Smith, Patricia Johnson)

    Lindsey Elementary - Lone Star News Crew Preparing to Soar (Heather Janek, Jenn Smith)

    Lindsey Elementary - For The Love of Reading (Heather Janek)

    Marion Elementary - Fine Motor Fun (Bethany McIntyre, Jennifer Wright, Amanda Cleveland, Sydney Sheff)

    Norton Elementary - Book Club series (Shelley Murphy, Charlene Kemme)

    Olson Elementary - Using Picture Books and Read Alouds to Enjoy THE Reading Experience (Maloree Tennison)

    Preston Elementary - A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words (Renee Nelson)

    Preston Elementary - Rally for Reading! (Erin Royster)

    Preston Elementary - "Series"ous About Reading (Tracy Turner, Heather Haley, Christy Wright, Robyn Herbert, Kelli Maurer, (Lindsey) Lori Kearney, Ashley Bechtold, Rebecca White, Elizabeth Shaw, Megan McCain, Akiya Garrity)

    Reed Elementary - Structures to Support Student Success at Reed Elementary (Shannon Ivey, Ardath Streitmatter)

    Reed Elementary - Decoding in First (Angela Kelamis, Ganges Karundethu)

    Rountree Elementary - Stories on Stage (Christine Gallagher, Alysha Huseman)

    Story Elementary - Future Falcon Storytime (Kimberly Richardson)

    Story Elementary - Story Walks (Kimberly Richardson, Erin Needham)

    Story Elementary - One School, One Book- The Wild Robot (Kimberly Richardson)

    Vaughan Elementary - Viking Summer Reading Program (Aimee Hilton)

    Vaughan Elementary - Turn the Page (Kerri Wilkinson)

    Vaughan Elementary - Biography Section Refresh (Alison Smithwick)


    Fine Arts Grants

    Administration Building (District) - Teacher Kodaly Training (Jeff Turner)

    Allen High School - Virtual Art History Experiences (Sarah Arago)

    Allen High School - Theatre Productions Costumes Hair and Makeup (Renee Harris, LeighAnn Unkenholz)

    Boyd Elementary - First Generation Musicians (Cheryl Perrault)

    Ereckson Middle School - Ereckson Full Orchestra Making Music with Maestro Musella (Joanna DeVoto, DJ Vaccarezza)

    Ford Middle School - Mastering the Beginning Band (Kyle Wiechmann)

    Lindsey Elementary - Purposeful Pathways: The Road to Music Literacy (Lexie Jensen)

    Lindsey Elementary – Structures, Sculptures and Straws (Theresa Nolte)

    Olson Elementary - Tuning Fine Motor Skills (Souksanit Manes)

    Reed Elementary - The "Smartest Artist" Art Library (Brandye Barron)

    Reed Elementary - The Gameplan Curriculum for Music Education (Destiny Cookus)


    Gifted & Talented Grants

    Allen High School - Pressure is ON! .... or is it OFF!? (Sandra Lee)

    Allen High School - Upping Our Biotechnology Game (Jennifer Sweaks, Lee Ferguson)

    Boyd Elementary - Chess Field Trip (Patricia Dobson)

    Cheatham Elementary - Puppet-Based Learning (Karri Decker)


    Math Grants

    Anderson Elementary - Fact Fluency Gamified! (Michelle Stewart

    Bolin Elementary - Math on the Move (cont.) (Elizabeth Yearwood)

    Cheatham Elementary - 2-D Shapes, 3-D Shapes, and More! (Amy Gamble)

    Curtis Middle School - TI Rovers - Going the Distance with Math (Mardalee Burwitz, Catherine Stolarski)

    Evans Elementary - Math in a Flash! (Katie Tsutsumi)

    Lindsey Elementary - Thinking OUT OF THE BOX - Lindsey (Holly May)

    Marion Elementary - Box of Facts! (Rhonda Bernard)

    Marion Elementary - Enterprise City (LaCrista Gilcrease, Barbara Pitcock, Chelsea Hubacek, Sean Potts, Taren Herrington)

    Olson Elementary - Math at Home (Samantha Shuttleworth)

    Olson Elementary - Fact Fluency Gamified! (Michelle Stewart)

    Preston Elementary - Getting our HANDS-ON MATH! (Lisa Jones)

    Reed Elementary - Box of Facts (Rhonda Bernard)

    Reed Elementary - Straight to the top with Brainpop! (Tanya Johanson)

    Reed Elementary - No matter how you subitize, it all adds up to success! (Kayla Kiesewetter, Kristyn Norman, Mary Interrante, Shelly Gallus)

    Reed Elementary - Enterprise City Field Trip (Sabrina Passanante, Shannon Hullum, Reagan Fuller, Tanya Johanson, John Lanier)

    Rountree Elementary - Engaged in SSI (Katie Rios)


    Physical Education Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Fitness Fun Day (Stacy Palmertree, Jacinda Owen)

    Bolin Elementary - Marathon Mania (Stacy Palmertree, Jacnda Owen, Thomas Swinden)

    Bolin Elementary - It's a Small World-Bolin Multicultural Night (Stacy Palmertree, Alana Balch, Paula Till, Jacinda Owen)

    Ford Middle School- Ford Tough (Britney Fesco)

    Lindsey Elementary - Team building Parachutes (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Lindsey Elementary - Lone Star Runners (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Lindsey Elementary - Basketball for All (Connie Beaney, Eva Elmaalouf)

    Rountree Elementary - Rountree Runners (Gena Flemmer)


    Pre-K (Early Childhood) Grants

    Rountree Elementary - Building Early Language, Social Emotional, Gross and Fine Motor Skills (Ruby Dalton, Courtney Marines, Mollie Brand, Elizabeth Hedary)

    Rountree Elementary - The Power of Reading-The Adventure Begins With Board Books (Rachelle Privett)


    Science/STEAM Grants

    Allen High School - Modern Lab Interfaces for Physics (Sara Holloway, Mackenzie Miller)

    Anderson Elementary - 21st Century Science (Jennifer Chapates)

    Bolin Elementary - Circuit Mazes (Breanna Daniels, Sonja Louis)

    Bolin Elementary - Bolin's Robotics Club (Allyson Kennaugh)

    Bolin Elementary - Science on the Move (continued) (Iris Seria)

    Bolin Elementary - Little Explorers (Andrea White, Laura Pecina, Jennifer Craig, Ali Coe)

    Cheatham Elementary - Dash 6 Pack (Karri Decker)

    Cheatham Elementary - Big CODE from Mini Spheros (Karri Decker, Courtney Knight)

    Cheatham Elementary - On the Move! (Amy Gamble)

    Ereckson Middle School - Ready, Set, Build! (Raul Castillo)

    Ereckson Middle School - Come on in...the bots are waiting! (Raul Castillo)

    Ereckson Middle School - Panel Saw for BEST robotics club (Graham Gadd)

    Kerr Elementary - STEMscopes for 6th Grade (Catherine Ziebold)

    Lindsey Elementary - Full STEAM Ahead!!! (Cherry Ertsos, Kristi Hutchison)

    Norton Elementary - Classroom Roboto (Shawna Wheeler)

    Reed Elementary - K-6 Reed Science Up Close (Christi Stinchcomb)

    Rountree Elementary - Adaptations Extravaganza (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Animal Ambassadors (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Rock Your World (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Water & Weather (Cristen Allen)

    Rountree Elementary - Let it Flow! (Kelly Merrill, Tina Kitzman, Paige Zettler)

    Rountree Elementary - A Camping We Will Go (Paige Zettler, Tina Kitzman, Kelly Merrill)

    Story Elementary - All Aboard to STEAM Central (Meghan Gable)

    Vaughan Elementary - Energy for the Future (Melissa Davis)

    Vaughan Elementary - Expanding our Minds with Legos (Melissa Davis)


    Social Studies Grants

    Bolin Elementary - Historical Encounters (Christy Wilson)

    Curtis Middle School - Texas Longhorn (Zoe Rumpff, Toni Wyatt)

    Marion Elementary - Drum Beat Heart Beat (Samantha Fields, Kristin Elliott, Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Kalinec, Dayna Price)


    Special Education Grants

    Allen High School - Eagle Creations (Phyllis Adams, Amanda Maxwell)

    Allen High School - Working Toward Independence (Kelly Brown)

    Allen High School - Exceptional Learners (Cheryl Dowd, Jessica Jones)

    Allen High School - Unified Robotics (Lynn Klodzinski, Greg Burnham (STEAM Center)

    Allen High School - Catching the Learning Wave: Individualizing learning to target skills more efficiently (Lynn Klodzinski, Amanda Maxwell)

    Allen High School - Why Try Social Skill Curriculum (Larry Parker)

    Chandler Elementary - Wiggle and Learn (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo, Meghan Ayers)

    Chandler Elementary - I Can Hear It Now! (Shayne Williams, Erica Ahedo, Meghan Ayers)

    Preston Elementary - Learning Math with Touch (Paula Stockwell)

    Reed Elementary - Book Boxes for Deaf/Blind Students (Antoinette Tillinghast)

    Reed Elementary - Sensory Needs for Special Needs (Amy Wright, Barbara Dill)

    Rountree Elementary - Magical Movement for Minis in Motion (Suzana Spina)

    STEAM Center - STEAM Center R&R Room (Rue Campbell)