• Journaling to a Better Me!

    "Journaling to a Better Me" will allow students the opportunity to build self confidence, self worth, and improve their overall success in their educational journey.

    Vaughan - Christina Fine, Melissa Dreher

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  • Kindness Matters

    Kindness Matters is a project involving Marion Elementary students which helps them identify new ways to show and spread kindness. Students would participate in learning more about kindness and empathy through the use of books, videos, random acts of kindness cards, and hands-on activities.

    Marion - Amber Preston

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  • Laser Focused on a Bully-Free Marion

    This grant will bring a unique and engaging anti-bullying laser show to the students of Marion Elementary. The Prismatic Magic anti-bullying presentation will assist teachers and staff in maintaining and enhancing the anti-bullying culture at Marion.

    Marion - Ashley Barbeau

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  • Marion Kindness Club

    The Marion Kindness Club is a group created to foster empathy and compassion, to encourage caring for one another, and recognize simple and extraordinary acts of kindness.

    Marion - Kelley Lawrence

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  • Might As Well be Awesome!

    This grant will provide Lowery Freshman Center with the ability to implement a year long self care program. It will allow us to equip teachers and staff with tools and strategies to create a healthier and more productive climate for student success.

    Lowery - Jessica Warlick

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  • Mindful Miniatures

    Students will be able to come to the counselor for a time to connect and have a mindful moment with the miniatures to express themselves and relieve anxiety.

    Green - Julie Lindberg

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  • Motivation Market

    Motivation Market is a program designed around social emotional growth and financial literacy. It will give students the skills needed to escape the cycle of poverty and give them confidence to take on the real world.

    Boyd - Julia Georgas

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  • Power in Circles

    Implementation of Circle Forward discussions provides a safe environment for students to share and learn from one another. This environment builds a
    culture of trust which allows students to maximize their potential to be future ready.

    Marion - Courtney Halpin, Ashley Barbeau

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  • Real World Learning Through Virtual Guest Speakers

    Connecting with virtual guest speakers will from across the country will provide our students with real-world learning through live sessions and in chats with industry professionals.

    Lowery - Sara Paa

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  • Rountree Rockstars!

    The Future Ready Skills: TeachTown Social Skills program will provide a solid foundation for students to grow into young adults with an increased emotional intelligence and self-management skills.

    Rountree - Paige Zettler

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