• A is for Apple

    Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs provide a kinesthetic learning experience to help students deepen their alphabet knowledge.

    Lindsey - Jennifer Sessums

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  • As the book-page turns...

    New books will allow students to read independently, work in groups in literacy circles, conduct character studies, retelling parts of story, analyze
    fiction/non-fiction elements, and vocabulary development.

    Rountree - Tanya Castillo, Sara Johnson, Halle Ulfsrud

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  • Building Literacy Through Book Clubs

    Book Clubs are a great way for students to be able to discuss thoughts about a text with other students. Having their own copies of the book allows students the freedom to explore independently and have the text readily available to be able to support their ideas.

    Chandler - Stephanie Gardner

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  • Crazy Kinetic Sandy Letters

    Using a multisensory approach such as using kinetic sand to create alphabet letters helps to improve letter recognition and fine motor skills enhancing the ability to copy letters legibly.

    Marion - Jamie Sutherland

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  • DT Leveled Readers

    Connected texts are decodable books that use predictable words and word patterns through engaging stories. The Dyslexia Therapist can use these books, in combination with other materials, to address students' fluency and comprehension skills.

    AISD Dyslexia Program 

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  • Embracing Diversity Through Literature

    Embracing Diversity Through Literature uses diversified books to create greater multicultural awareness. Each time they read a new book, we open up students' eyes to other worlds different from theirs or affirm and recognize their culture as represented in the books.

    Lindsey - Katherine Heriot

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  • Extra, Extra! Read All About It!" Learning from Scholastic Magazine

    Students will grow in their comprehension of non-fiction text as they learn about a wide range of real-world concepts and current news, going beyond the classroom as they discover fascinating events around the world.

    Boyd - Julia Georgas

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  • Find Your Hero

    Biographies will introduce students to scientific pioneers, historical figures, engineers and inventors, and literary icons. The biographies will teach history as well as culture and highlight a diverse collection of individuals who have made a positive impact on our society.

    Rountree - Rachelle Privett

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  • For Argument's Sake

    Students will benefit from reading nonfiction texts that cover global and ethical issues in a way that is appropriate for their age and reading levels. This will not only allow them to increase their comprehension on current global topics, but it will also help them build appropriate vocabulary and provide them with opportunities for authentic writing

    Vaughan - Lindsay Domenico

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  • FUNdamental Phonics in First Grade

    Cheatham first graders are putting the FUN back in phonics fundamentals! Using fun centers engages learners at all levels to help build their literacy skills and continue growing phonemic and phonological awareness.

    Cheatham - Mikala Hartis

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