• Fit & Fun Sensory Movement Pathway

    The Fit & Fun Sensory Movement Pathway is a tool for kids to improve their planning, motor, sensory, and emotional regulation skills.

    Marion - Kera Williams, Heidi Mortensen

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  • Fitness Fun Day

    Fitness Fun Day allows students to try new fitness classes that are fun and exciting for children their age, as well as try new snacks with foods they may already eat or food they would never have tried before.

    Bolin - Stacy Palmertree, Jacinda Owen

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  • Marathon Mania

    Marathon Mania helps to provide a quick and easy way to track Bolin Jogging Club laps. It will also allow all students to participate in a fun running event during the school day if they are unable to stay after school for the Jogging Club.

    Bolin - Jacinda Owen

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  • Rootin' Tootin' Fun Scooter Skills

    Scooter Board Activities are a fun experience for all ages. Students practice moving different ways, at different speeds and at the same time develop
    cognitive, emotional and physical skills by traveling through obstacle courses, competing in relays, and participating in a number of modified sports on Scooters.

    Green - Rebecca Stamey, Chad Sanford

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  • Scooters Fun

    Lindsey Lone Stars will now be able to enjoy games and activities that involve scooters because of a Foundation's grant. "Scooter Fun" for everyone!

    Lindsey - Connie Beaney

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  • Scootin' Boogie

    The use of scooters creates fun active games and activities for students of all ages. Focusing on coordination, core strength and spatial awareness along with competition, the Scootin' Boogie Grant engages the entire student body.

    Kerr - Lisa Yost

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