Foundation For Allen Schools Funded Classroom Grants at

    Ereckson Middle School




    2021-2022 Classroom Grants


    Soaring Into Success!  

    This grant under Counseling Curriculum was awarded to Laurie Schaefer and will benefit 1250 students this coming year.

    This grant will provide Ereckson Middle School with the ability to implement a year long self care program. It will allow us to equip teachers and staff with tools and strategies to create a healthier and more productive climate for student success.


    Oral Learning Supports for ELA

    This grant under English Language Arts (Secondary) Curriculum was awarded to Debra Herman along with Sabrina Passanante and will benefit 1200 students this coming year.

    Implementing headphone devices within each classroom will accommodate student comprehension in reading and writing content. The headphone devices will support students' need for the many digital activities and listening components in the English Language Arts classroom and curriculum. Providing leather headphones will allow for ease of sanitation after each use.


    3D printing with Robotics

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Graham Gadd along and will benefit 150 students this coming year.

    Middle School Students using 3D printers to build robots. Students at Ereckson Middle School are using 3D printers to manufacture parts to drive their robot in the BEST competition. They are getting ready for the future of Engineering.


    Ereckson BEST Robotics Team GOES PRO

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Graham Gadd along and will benefit 500 students this coming year.

    BEST Robotics GOES PRO. Ereckson Robotics is using the latest Go Pro camera to enhance their robot production and team video production.


    VEX Robotics Competition Event Host

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Raul Castillo and will benefit 40 students this coming year.

    Although robots are all around us, they are surely not taken over! Our Robotics students are ready to show-case their knowledge and skills in this STEM field ensuring that technology is our friend. Our VEX Robotics competition will demonstrate how humans and machines can work together.