Foundation For Allen Schools Funded Classroom Grants at

    Norton Elementary




    2021-2022 Classroom Grants


    Rise and Shine; It's Tang Math Time!

    This grant under Math Elementary Curriculum was awarded to Vidya Anand and will benefit 25 students this coming year.

    Rise & Shine; It's Tang Math Time - A fun way to positively engage Elementary students with puzzles aimed at building their number sense and computational fluency!


    From Egg to Chicken

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Marci Dolton and will benefit 120 students this coming year.

    The “From Egg to Chicken” Grant would allow all first graders at Norton to experience the full life cycle of chickens in their own classrooms. Students would have hands-on learning starting at the beginning of the life cycle, watching it hatch, and seeing the changes of the chick during its first days of life. This experience would be rich with information and students would learn so much throughout this process.


    Masters of Science

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Shawna Wheeler and will benefit 80 students this coming year.

    Science in the hands of readers creates an endless universe. This grant will allow me to inspire a love of reading in my students through read-alouds and stations while incorporating my science TEKS.


     Sphero Space STEM

    This grant under Science/STEAM Curriculum was awarded to Karen Szeryk and will benefit 100 students this coming year.

    Norton Elementary is preparing the next generation of aerospace engineers as they use Mini Spheros to learn how to create, code, problem solve and strengthen their STEM fundamentals. Using the Spheros, Norton students are maximizing this hands on experience to deepen their knowledge engineering in our solar system and beyond.